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Our results driven service is based around just that: Delivering results. We won’t tie you in for years on end, instead, we depend on providing you with tangible results to make your campaign a success.

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We work with SME’s and Brands that want measurable returns from Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click Advertising. We’re a small (but fast growing!) team of individuals working from our offices in the seaside resort of Skegness, Lincolnshire.

We don’t employ sales people, we don’t cold call and we’re brutally honest, even if it isn’t in our interest to be (we think that’s quite refreshing!) We’re a skilled & qualified group of people that are passionate about all aspects of search marketing and we’re well aware that our success depends on yours.

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Pay per click advertising or PPC adds another layer to your digital marketing strategy. On top of the high quality organic traffic we will send your way, we can manage your PPC campaigns so that they bring you even more conversions.

PPC is a highly effective and efficient way of managing your marketing spend, and as a Google Partner and Bing Accredited Professional, we will ensure your ads bring you the best return on your investment. Highly adaptable and effective, PPC will produce tangible results in a relatively short space of time.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of everything we do and for a good reason. When you want to establish and propel your online presence, enhance your visibility and engage with your audience, it’s the search engines you need to please.

But it’s not all about first page rankings anymore. The search landscape has changed. Consumers have changed. Google is constantly changing. Using natural, effective and Search Engine-friendly techniques and best of breed tools, we put you in front of your target audience when they use a search engine to find you.

Social media has changed the way people interact, discover and share, and it’s a great way to drive your brand forward. Our social media advertising services will help you to create meaningful connections with your target market and to attract new customers and repeat business.

In addition to establishing a strong social media presence, social media when done well (we do it very well), we will create a broad community of brand ambassadors who will share their experience of your brand, services and products with other users.

Increased visibility is all well and good but it’s conversions that pay the bills. To us, conversion rate optimisation is part of the SEO process so we’ll work with you to ensure you’re converting as many visitors as possible and strive to improve this constantly.

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Google Maps is defaced by online graffiti… but it might be good news for online marketers!

April 28th, 2015|0 Comments

One of the most unique and impressive features of Google’s search engine package is Google Maps. All users have to do is type a location into a search bar, and they can find what they’re looking for on a helpful, easy-to-navigate map. Viewers can also use the tool to get directions from one location to another and to search for amenities (ranging from public transport stops to restaurants and hotels) that are near to a given point on the map. Users can even edit Google Maps in order to add in extra information and make corrections for the benefit of other users. However, this latter piece of functionality has caused them a degree of embarrassment recently.


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Bing’s ‘mobile friendly’ label could be a prelude to mobile-friendly search algorithms.

April 27th, 2015|0 Comments

Microsoft has recently added an interesting feature to the mobile version of its ‘Bing’ search engine. If a site is mobile-friendly, Bing now adds a discreet label to the site’s description that lets web-users know that they can use the site comfortably on their mobile phones. Google already has a very similar feature, so Bing is ‘playing catch-up’ to a certain extent. But what might be the greater significance of Microsoft’s decision to include a ‘mobile friendly’ label in its search engine’s results?


  • Yahoo! Vacation!

Bing and Yahoo renegotiate their search agreement

April 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

After months of rumours swirling about potential changes in their working relationship, Yahoo and Bing have announced an amendment to their existing search relationship. Under the newly revised terms of their partnership, the basic framework of their original deal will remain in place with the major change being the increased autonomy that both parties will now have.


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Out of the shadow of Mobilegeddon – Google’s doorway update

April 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

In the wake of Google’s announcement that they will be penalising sites that are not mobile friendly, the company’s other recent announcement surrounding its doorway page update has been somewhat lost. However, it is certainly not something that you should be forgetting about, as being perceived as using a doorway campaign can result in a major ranking drop for your website.