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We work with small & medium businesses to get the best possible performance from Google advertising. Our Google qualified experts have a wealth of experience managing campaigns with small and large budgets to maximise return on investment. Complete the form for a quotation or give us a call to learn more about how we help businesses grow with Google Ads.



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We help small & medium businesses grow with our award-winning, 5-star rated Google Ads service.

We know how it important it is for a business to get value from every penny they spend. This is why, from the beginning, we work hard to understand your business and your objectives. This starts with a free industry report or audit of your existing account to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the industry you operate in and what we can do to help you win new customers. 


Knowledge, experience and the latest technology

PPC should always yield positive returns and our team of experts are dedicated to achieving great returns for our clients. Every member of our team are qualified by Google and have a wealth of experience working with Google Ads in almost every industry. Our team know what it takes to provide positive returns and use our experience along with our marketing-leading machine learning technology to drive measurable improvements to return on investment.

We work with small & medium businesses to provide a scalable and reliable source of revenue from pay per click advertising. We work with clients looking for help managing everything from a single PPC account to a full multi-channel strategy.

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 Established Advertiser?

We regularly work with businesses that have a history of using Google Ads to varying degrees of success. Perhaps you need more performance or you are struggling to scale your account; our experts will start by performing an initial audit to identify 'weak points' in your campaign that may be causing issues. Once a client, we will use this information to restructure and improve your campaign to deliver increased performance.

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New to Google Ads?

We work with both established advertisers and those new to Google Ads. At the beginning of our relationship, we will discuss what options are available to you and how Google Ads can help meet your objectives. Once we understand your business objectives, we will set up an advertising account with well-researched keywords designed to target customers who are ready to buy.


Google Premier Partner

We've been recognised by Google as a Partner since 2012 and have worked with over 300 advertisers to become a Premier Google Partner in 2017. To reach this milestone we've demonstrated that we've worked with a higher level of advertising spend and provided consistently great performance for our clients.





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Why Choose DPOM?

Aside from our 5-star reviews and Google Premier Partner status, there are several further reasons why you should choose DPOM to manage your Pay Per Click advertising:



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