February 10, 2018

Why your website needs to be mobile optimised

Did you know that over 80% of Internet users own a smartphone? According to We Are Social, more than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones and more than 1 in 5 of the world’s population have shopped online in the past 30 days alone. It’s no secret that mobiles are here for the long run […]
October 31, 2017

Why SEO is the long game that pays off

SEO is one of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing at the moment, with nearly all successful big brand businesses now having specific in-company employees working on SEO, from website copy through to blog posts, on a daily basis. For organic advertising, SEO is vital – but it’s more of a long game than it may first appear.
October 2, 2017

How to choose the right keywords for your SEO

SEO is essentially very simple in its concept and implementation. Keywords are searched for and measured by engines such as Google or Bing, and your site is then ranked according to its relevance to the words which were searched. Placing keywords in the copy on your website will increase your SEO, but its effectiveness will only ever be as good […]
September 25, 2017

The changing face of SEO

Back in 1998 at the launch of Google, the idea of Search Engine Optimisation was a completely foreign concept. Back then, and through the early part of the millennium, people had fewer reasons to log on to their computer – in fact, in 2007, only 61% of all households were able to access the Internet. In the time since, SEO […]
September 19, 2017

How blogging and SEO work hand in hand

Getting a grip on SEO can sometimes be difficult, and with Google regularly changing its algorithms as well as its policies, it can become hard to keep up. One thing that has remained constant, however, is the fact that blogging is a vital part of SEO. Good and regular blogging helps you communicate and build trust with your buyers, it […]
September 13, 2017

How good content affects search engine rankings

The pivotal influence on your SEO – and therefore how easily and quickly potential clients find you – is the text you use on your website.
August 30, 2017

How does PPC work? A beginner’s guide

If you work in marketing, digital marketing or you have the responsibility for marketing and promoting your business, you will no doubt have heard of PPC or pay-per-click advertising. If you’re unsure what PPC advertising is, how it works and how it can help your business to promote its services and grow, then read on below.
August 29, 2017

Why SEO is important for small businesses

You may wonder why you as a small business owner should be concerned with search engine optimisation.
August 22, 2017

Common myths about using SEO in your digital marketing strategy

Many digital marketing campaigns incorporate the use of multiple channels which work together to bring your audience deeper into the sales. Each campaign is individual to its product, but the marketing channels are well known: email, social media, digital advertising, search engine marketing etc. However, it’s important to note that your marketing strategy shouldn’t focus completely on your marketing channels […]