December 15, 2016

How to execute the perfect marketing strategy?

Regardless of the size of your business, you are going to need a marketing strategy to be even remotely successful, but how do you go about creating and executing the perfect marketing strategy?
December 8, 2016

A New Spin On Digital Advertising?

[fusion_text]The advertising world is very accustomed to change, and big ones at that, but is there a new dawn of advertising about to take over?
October 12, 2016

Have modern football and advertising teamed up?

According to a recent report in the Mirror, Sir Bobby Robson, England manager between 1982 and 1990, ‘authorised requests’ for his players to celebrate in particular areas of the pitch so as to maximise exposure for specific brands that were advertising within the stadium. The allegations, raised by former agent Jon Smith – a man once in charge of the […]
March 19, 2015

BT – A Change for the Better?

Everyone knows, that in the world of business whether it’s retail, a utilities giant, a market stall or a public service, you can have the best offline and online marketing you can afford and still fail to expand your business due to poor or non existent customer service. Frustration Indeed, many who know me also know that this is one of my […]
September 3, 2014

BReaking BAdwords – Escaping an Abusive PPC Relationship

  Paying too much for Google Adwords Management? Seeing very little return of investment? Are you testing NEW ad regularly? Are you even tracking conversion properly? Do you receive monthly reports? If you’re with an agency, do they even give you access to your account? Is any work actually being carried out on the account? Not sure where it’s all […]
August 5, 2014

Why Gamers Choose to Promote Games for Free

  Online marketing is my job but gaming is my passion. It’s interesting to see how games are promoted online in relation to how I would promote a business or product from a marketing perspective.   Normally I would seek to attract an audience to a service or range of products they are not aware of through a series of […]
August 5, 2014

Is Google Glass the Dogs DooDahs?

So, Google Glass is finally available in the UK, hooray! Its going to cost you a cool grand, boo, hiss!   Gadget Crazy   Now the team here at DPOM are pretty much gadget crazy, but I must admit to having reservations about shoving this bit of tech on my face and going for a walk outside. I do wonder how […]
July 2, 2014

We’ll Work With You for Free and Take All the Risk! (Not)

  You’re a genius! Yes you are!    You’ve thought of a brilliant idea for a contemporary twist on a Social Network / Web portal / Multimedia outlet / Subscribe-able forum that connects people to one another and enables them to share content, upload media and join groups with other like-minded individuals. We know that users will be queueing up […]
June 16, 2014

‘Get off my page!’ – Getting it right on social media

We all have that one friend (or if we are particularly unlucky, group of friends) who feel the need to justify their existence with the most mind-numbingly tedious Facebook and Twitter posts. While this can be potentially damaging on a personal level, it can be particularly ‘kamikaze’ when a business decides to go down this route of ambiguous content and […]
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