Data Analysis - How we use data to deliver exceptional marketing results

One of our favourite sayings is "don't bring an opinion to a data fight", and this statement does a good job of summing up our approach to digital marketing. Opinions mean nothing in the age of data and the best performing campaigns are based on statistical analysis of data to really understand what leads visitors to become customers...



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Machine learning: How we optimise ad campaigns.

Humans are very good at being creative in fact, nothing can beat a human when it comes to strategy, designing adverts and managing a strategy. On the other hand, humans are useless for making thousands of complicated calculations every second. It, therefore, stands to reason that using a human for tasks best suited to being 'sentient' and machines for 'heavy lifting' of large amounts of complex data is the most efficient and effective method of completing a given task.

When running ad campaigns, our machine learning technology studies performance in real time and considers 100's of factors such as: Keyword bids, time of day, day of week, month of year, device, keyword, advert, location, historical performance, current performance and then based on this analysis, changes bids and budgets of your campaigns to ensure you spend more when returns are statistically likely to be larger and less when returns are likely to be less. In fact, our technology makes small changes 20-50 times per day to ad campaigns - even when you're sleeping. While it doesn't replace a human, machine learning in addition to effective human optimisation can deliver unrivalled results.

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Analysis - How we improve marketing performance from SEO, PPC, Social and E-Mail.

We only deal in facts. We don't make unqualified assumptions and while we believe experience counts for a lot, we know that every business is different and the only thing that matters is your customers and how they interact with your brand.

No matter if you have a small AdWords campaign or a large multi-channel digital marketing campaign, statistical analysis of data underpins everything we do. We go to great lengths to understand what factors affect your marketing performance and we use this data to optimise our work to deliver the best possible ROI.

If you ask us a question, you won't get an 'opinion' as an answer: You'll get a factual answer based on our experience and the data we generate from your campaigns and if you need further assurance, we will provide links to reputable sources confirming our answers are correct.


Trends - Understanding seasonal trends to maximise results.

Seasonality affects most businesses.  However, many businesses make the mistake of ignoring seasonal trends when running digital marketing campaigns: this isn't logical. Our approach will always consider when your visitors are more or less active and tailor our approach. For example, if you sell t-shirts, there isn't much point spending additional budget in the Winter when it would make more sense to conserve budget and spend more in the Summer when more people are looking to buy your products.

We use the latest technology and multiple sources of data to provide our clients with data-driven campaigns managed by experienced professionals with unrivalled return on investment.




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