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We are top rated Google Premier Partner E-Commerce Specialists. We work with online retailers to increase sales and profit with targeted PPC campaigns. Speak to our experts to learn how we can increase your online sales.



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We deep-optimise your ecommerce campaigns and feeds to increase sales.

Google Shopping ads (Product Listing Ads) work by dynamically showing ads for products you stock in Google search. Shopping ads work by connecting a live feed (known as a Google Shopping Feed) to Google Merchant Center which is then linked to your Google AdWords account. Ads use your feed to graphically display the name of your product, an image and a price in your ads when a user searches for relevant terms in Google.

Our experts carefully structure your campaigns and product feeds to maximise visibility and sales. We work closely with our clients to understand targets to ensure profitability is maintained at all times.


Google Shopping Feed Optimisation

Product feed optimisation is the process of regularly optimising your Google merchant centre product feed to ensure your product listing ads show for highly relevant search terms.

Optimising your product titles and descriptions is crucial to influence what search terms your products show for and our feed optimisation service takes care of the entire process. Many online retailers neglect their feeds and often, rely on the same feed with little to no optimisation. This results in account performance stagnating at best and at worst, decreasing sales.

If you don't currently have a product feed or Google Merchant account, our e-commerce experts can set up and manage this on your behalf.






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Why choose DPOM to manage your Google Ads campaigns?

Aside from our 5-star reviews and Google Premier Partner status, we give our clients more: A dedicated account manager, regular communication, leading click fraud protection (at no extra cost!) and interactive reports fully customised for your requirements.

We provide an in-depth Google Ads management service that includes all campaign types (Search, Display, Shopping and Video) which generally includes the following:


Free Industry Report

We provide a free industry report with every quotation. The report is written by a human and provides you with a data-based assessment of the demand within your industry along with details of your competition and seasonal trends. Should we work together, we will use this information to underpin our strategy moving forward otherwise, it's yours to keep.

Free Audit

If you already have an existing campaign, we will give you the option of a free audit along with our quotation. This audit will identify areas that require improvement with detailed explanations as to why your campaigns aren't performing and what we can do to improve them. All audits are written by our account managers and are presented in a video conference or screen share.

Search Ads

We work with our clients to craft compelling search ads to show to customers when they are looking to buy. Using the latest practices and technology we use a range of ad types including text ads, expanded text ads, dynamic ads and call only ads to maximise visibility to your ideal customers.

Display & Retargeting

Whether it's brand awarness or lead generation, the Google Display Network is a great option for advertisers. Our Display advertising specialists work with our clients to maximise ad visibility on websites to reach their objectives by crafting graphical display ads to show to users that are ready to convert.

Google Shopping Ads

For eCommerce websites, Google shopping is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy. Product Listing Ads (PLA's) give advertisers the opportunity of placing highly targeted ads in front of buyers when they are looking to buy. Our eCommerce experts have managed £millions in ad spend for retailers and will work with you to increase sales and profitability.

Feed Optimisation & Management

To get the very best from your Google Shopping Ads campaigns, it is crucial to ensure your feed is optimised. Google Ads will show your products to searches based on your feed titles and descriptions, if these aren't optimised correctly, then your ads will not show to buyers as often. If you don't have a feed, we can create and manage one for you.


To maximise success, a clear multi-channel optimisation strategy is essential. After learning about your business and your objectives, we get to work to structure your campaigns to meet your targets. We do this by focusing on what is most likely to yield the most profitable returns for your budget and scaling over time. 

Keyword Research & Management

We regularly find new keywords to create opportunities to grow your campaigns. This research includes the regular addition of negative keywords to reduce wasted spend and improve relevance while ensuring account structure is conducive to higher quality scores and therefore performance.

Bid Management

We work closely with you to understand the profitability of your products or services and implement bid strategies most likely to help improve ROI. We regularly test bid strategies (for example, target CPA, target ROAS, enhanced CPC etc) to determine which strategy offers the best possible returns

Ad Testing

We run advert tests constantly. The smallest incremental improvements add up and we ensure there are multiple tests in operation at all times. Not only does this help drive performance, but it also ensures the most relevant advert is shown to a users query and is, therefore, more likely to result in a conversion.

Ad Extensions

With a growing number of available advert extensions available it is important to maximise their usage to create impactive ads. We work with you to create compelling adverts with the most appropriate extensions, for example, call, callouts, site links, reviews, structured snippets and more.

Conversion Tracking & Technical

We can't improve what we can't measure so we work closely with you to ensure we track every sale, lead and even phone calls. We then use this data to learn what works and what doesn't and optimise accordingly. While this may sound daunting, our technical team are on hand to provide assistance to ensure any technical implementation is performed correctly in order to provide us with the tools to drive performance.

Interactive Report Dashboard

Clear reporting is an essential part of any campaign: We know how important it is for you to understand your data and this is why we build a custom report dashboards for all of our clients.

Using advanced API integrations, we display the data YOU want to see. Need to add a new graph? Change the way some data is displayed? Just let your account manager know and we will be happy to update your dashboard in time for your next report.

Check on progress at any time: We provide all clients with a custom link to our easy to read reports that can be viewed at any time day or night. All reports are backed up by an online meeting with your own dedicated account manager.

Click Fraud Protection

While Google does handle click fraud by crediting invalid clicks, we offer our clients additional powerful click fraud prevention to proactively block competitors and bots from clicking your ads preventing wasted budget.

  • Stop competitors clicking your ads
  • Protect ad spend from bots and fraudsters
  • Immediate real-time detection
  • Fully automated blocking



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