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Our Influencer Marketing Package connects your brand with influential users on Social Media. We take care of the research, communication and reporting to ensure you receive the most from your Influencer campaign.

Statistically, 92% (9/10) marketers that were asked in a 2018 survey believe that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing. On a day-by-day basis, that figure is increasing. In 2020, it is undeniable that successful brands use Influencer Marketing - that means you should too!



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Grow Your Brand With Social Media Influencer Marketing


An Influencer is someone who has: The power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. An Influencer is someone who has gained a high level of credibility within a specific industry.

Overlooked by many, Influencer Marketing is the future. Using public figures and popular characters to endorse and sell products has been around since the dawn of media. Now, those figures are known as Influencers and brands from all over the world in all kinds of industries are taking advantage.

At DPOM, we have a highly skilled team of Social Media experts that will carefully craft an Influencer Marketing strategy to achieve your objectives, and we will ensure we understand your brand and its values to find relevant Influencers who resonates with your target audience.

Initial Analysis

At the beginning of our relationship, we work closely with you to understand your brand and what you are looking for from us. You will be presented with a questionnaire document, which will contain questions regarding the type of influencers which you wish to connect with and what your main objectives from this project are.

Strategic Research & Presentation

Once you have completed your initial questionnaire, we will begin our research. We will dive deeply into your industry and search for relevant influencers who meet both our criteria and yours. It is important that we generate a portfolio of online influencers who are active, relevant and who have previous experience in promoting products through their social channels. Once we have completed our research, we will present you with a strategy on who we are going to engage with.


Communication is vital. Having an agency who knows how to communicate and communicates well is the key to a successful Influencer campaign. You can view us as your middle-man, we deal with the research, we handle the communication and then we deliver quality influencer content at your finger-tips!


Everything that we do during your package, we will report on. We have customised reports that are created by your project manager which will detail the work that occurred and the results generated. You will then be able to discuss these results with your dedicated project manager at a time that suits you.


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Claim your free social media audit.

We offer all potential new customers a free audit to give you an objective assessment of your current social media performance. We will tell you, with examples, what is both good and bad about your social media strategy and how our service can help improve performance. If we don't think that we can help meet your objectives, we will tell you.

Our audits may include (but are not limited to) the following:

Profiles: User experience and set up

Post performance: Which posts perform best and how you should be posting to maximise engagement

Follower analysis: Are you connecting with the right audience at the right time?

Multi-channel review: Assistance channels and how social influences other channel performance

Technical review: Conversion tracking including revenue tracking, form tracking and call tracking

Growth opportunities: Quick wins, long term opportunities

When your audit is complete, we will arrange an online meeting to discuss it in depth and answer any questions you may have.

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