1324% increase in sales
November 29, 2019
82% increase in conversions
May 22, 2014

177% increase in organic traffic



    Case Study: Claromentis

    International SEO, Paid Search, Display, Social Media (including paid) and strategy. 


    The Brief

    Claromentis is a leading provider of corporate internet software. Our task was to increase brand awareness and sales-qualified leads across all digital channels with a worldwide campaign. This project involved working with regional representatives to maximise visibility on both national and local levels and included organic, paid and social media channels.


    The Results:

    Our objective was to help establish Claromentis as a leader in their sector. This involved various campaigns to increase brand awareness and leads from targeted regions.  This was achieved by producing a multi-channel campaign to increase brand awareness and maximise visibility across search, display and social media.

    We worked closely with the senior management and marketing teams to provide an international approach to meet their objectives. This included consultancy over regional websites (and the technical challenges this presents) and overall strategy across all channels.



    177% Increase In Organic Traffic


    57% Increase In Conversion Rate


    225% Increase In Branded Traffic


    597% Increase In Social Media Traffic


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