150% Growth in 6 Months
January 31, 2020
1384% increase in sales
December 16, 2019

CPA & Cost reduced by 17%


    Case Study: Motorwise

    Google Ads


    The Brief

    Motorwise arrived at DPOM with a difficult set up within their Google ads account. CPAs were spiralling to unprofitable levels. DPOM were tasked with ironing out the issues with rising CPAs whilst improving other key metrics in order to power their multi-channel marketing efforts. Our approach consisted of levelling out the foundations of the account whilst maintaining a positive ROI, leading to further increases in key metrics and then look to increase conversion numbers in other target areas. 


    The Results:

    Quality score has risen by 35% and average CPA has dropped to record levels. Due to Quality Score improvements and optimisation of bid and a budgets, costs have also dropped resulting in increased ROI.



    6% Increase in Conversions


    17% Decrease in CPA


    17% Increase in Conversion Rate


    17% Decrease in Costs


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