1384% increase in sales
December 16, 2019
316% increase in brand reach
December 16, 2019

301% increase in engagement


    Case Study: Hayward Baker Law

    Lead Generation with Google Ads


    The Brief

    For law firms, the personal injury field is incredibly competitive and leads often take months or even years to conclude. Because of this, digital marketing campaigns need to keep to tight constraints when it comes to ROI and cost control is paramount. Hayward Baker approached DPOM with a brief to provide a sustainable source of leads for their Personal Injury services without increasing costs. Having previously tried Google Ads with mixed results, we provided an audit along with expectations of how we could provide results.


    The Results:


    Graph shows increased conversions (leads).

    Given CPCs associated with legal services are generally high, we set to work to maximise Quality Score to minimise costs while working simultaneously to increase conversion rates. This was key: to get more conversions from no additional ad spend meant we had to increase conversion rate and lower cost per conversion.



    316% Increase in Impressions


    24% Decrease in CPC


    301% Increase in Engagement


    349% Increase in Clicks


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