178% increase in conversions
December 1, 2019
850% increase in conversions
December 1, 2019

224% increase in conversions


    Case Study: Impact Teachers
    Google Ads (Search and Display)


    The Brief

    Impact Teachers approached DPOM after a previous agency negatively impacted their PPC campaigns. Faced with a rapidly rising CPA and drop in conversions, Impact Teachers requested DPOM to work closely with their internal marketing team to address and rectify the existing campaign performance issues.


    The Results:

    The new campaigns consisted of a new, more highly targeted search campaign alongside display (for branding and enquiries) and a sophisticated retargeting campaign designed to convert previous visitors at various stages of the conversion funnel.

    Additionally, using our advanced bid management system, we dynamically adjusted bids and budgets up to every 30minutes in order to reduce CPA. This was achieved by a machine learning algorithm which adjusts bids depending on the performance of competitor ads.

    For example: If a competitors ads stop serving due to potential budget exhaustion, our system serves our clients ads
    more rapidly to take advantage of lower CPC’s and more available impression share. The campaigns were set to run initially in Canada, Australia and New Zealand and later expanded to include the UK.



    224% Increase in Conversions


    CPA Reduced by 81%


    91% Decrease CPC


    1300% Increase in Branded Traffic


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