82% increase in conversions

177% increase in organic traffic
May 22, 2014
240% reduction in CPA
May 22, 2014

82% increase in conversions



    Case Study: Vapouriz

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


    The Brief

    Vapouriz are in an incredibly competitive industry ( e-cigarettes and e-liquids) with established players already dominating the search results. Vapouriz required rapid growth with clear performance indicators in a challenging sector. Vapouriz approached DPOM to provide an SEO project to help the brands growth.


    The Results:

    We took a wide ranging approach designed to rank the site for as many search terms as possible. Rather than solely focusing on “big terms” which the established competition already dominate, we performed research into the types of searches  customers were making and compared this data to Google Trends data to understand demand. As this is a crowded space, a content-driven approach was implemented to help the site rank for long tail, high intent keywords more likely to convert.  This achieved faster ranking for conversion bearing terms in the short term whilst the site starts to rank for more competitive terms later.



    82% Increase in Conversions


    21% Reduction in Bounce Rate


    25% increase in Average Visit Duration


    44% Increase in Pages Per Session


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