CPA & Cost reduced by 17%
January 31, 2020
301% increase in engagement
December 16, 2019

1384% increase in sales


    Case Study: Vinyl Warehouse

    Google Ads - Shopping and Search Ads


    The Brief

    Vinyl Warehouse are an industry leading provider of adhesive decorative products. As an e-commerce website, the brand is reliant on online sales and approached DPOM to help them scale sales and improve profitably - without increasing costs. After an initial audit by our strategists, we discovered that CPAs were too high to be consistently profitable and the campaigns suffered from low Quality Scores and poor CTRs. We recommended a complete rebuild using historical data to form the basis of a new campaign moving forward.


    The Results:

    Graph shows increased conversions (blue line) and reduced CPA (red line).

    After rebuilding the campaign by better structure, more compelling ads and more advanced targeting the account CPA immediately improved (red line on the above graph). Over the coming months the campaign continue to improve to the point where conversions have grown without any additional ad spend, in fact, ad spend reduced slightly.



    1384% Increase in Conversions


    93% Decrease in CPA


    746% Increase in Conversion Rate


    15% Decrease in Ad Spend


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