PPC Audit/Review Request

Our 10-point PPC audit contains key information about how your current campaigns are performing in addition to what can be done to improve them. Our audits are 100% free of charge and on average, uncover 28% in wasted ad spend. Stop wasting money today!



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10-Point PPC (AdWords) Audit/Review

Complete the form to receive a 10-point PPC audit for free. On receipt of your audit request, our Google qualified PPC managers will contact you to arrange access to your PPC account. We can do this without alerting your current agency/PPC manager if required.

Our audit will provide you with detailed information about the quality and efficiency of your current campaigns. Our free audit is not exhaustive. However, it will provide you with sufficient information to understand whether or not your campaigns can be improved.

The audit will include:

1. General Observations Quality score checks, overall relevancy and background information.
2. Campaign Structure: Is the campaign structured according to best practices and in such a manner to facilitate the best possible performance?
3. Use of Keywords: Do the campaigns use well-researched keywords relevant to the advertiser and could these be improvement/expanded or even reduced to provide additional performance? Are the most appropriate match types being used? Includes Negative Keyword check.
4. Bids and Budgets: Are bids and budgets being used to maximise ROI across all devices at key times of day? Are bid adjustments employed correctly to maximise performance?
5. Ad Usage: Are ads well constructed and relevant to keywords and landing pages? Review of ad performance and variations used.
6. Campaign Types: Are appropriate campaign types being used to meet the advertiser's objectives?
7. Conversion Tracking: Is conversion tracking for purchase/forms/emails and telephone calls correctly configured and functioning to maximise performance?
8. Devices: Are the campaigns reaching their potential across multiple devices?
9. Settings check: Are the campaigns showing in the right areas on the correct networks?
10. Landing Pages: Is landing page quality an issue? Can landing pages be improved to help performance for Quality Score or Conversion Rate for example.



Get in touch: 01754 468 068