Our Approach

We take a creative and analytical approach to paid search to ensure we display the right ads at the right time to the right people.

Unlike many agencies, we live and breathe your account: We’ll carefully monitor your industry and alert you to any new opportunities and we regularly optimise your account to improve performance.

From the very beginning we’ll carefully research and implement the best strategy for your account and carefully refine it all with one main objective:


Whilst many agencies focus on driving the maximum traffic, we know it’s new customers which make you profitable. This is why we’ll work closely with you to establish a target CPA and work towards achieving this in order to scale the campaign further.

This process requires test and measurement of the following factors:

  • Average CPC
  • Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Copy Relevancy
  • Landing Page Relevancy
  • Page Load Time
  • Network
  • Re-marketing

This data driven, profitability focused approach leads to successful paid search campaigns. It’s no wonder we’re top 1% Google Partner!