Physically optimising a PPC campaign is only part of what’s required for success. A large proportion of our time is spent analysing what happens after a visitor clicks your ads. This process starts when we generate reports: We study the visitor journey and identify areas for improvement and share this with our clients.

For us, reports are a key component of any PPC Campaign. It allows us to not only convey progress to clients but also spot new opportunities for further performance. Reports also help us involve the client in order to form a collaborative approach to furthering progress.

What do our Reports Include?

Unlike some agencies, we don’t just give you vanity metrics such as “Clicks” or “Impressions”, we operate a 100% transparency policy. It’s important to us you are fully aware of your campaign situation: In our experience, a close collaboration between client and agency is key to PPC success.

Search Performance Funnel

A graphical overview of key metrics compared to the previous period detailing:

  • Cost
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Budget Spent
  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate
  • CPA

Included with a summary analysis, this provides an easy to understand “snap shot” of performance the client can view “at a glance”.

Account Health and Trends – In Detail

Quality Score

A crucial component of any account, we’ll chart your quality score to provide you a clear indication of how it’s being improved and the effect it may have the campaign.

CTR / Average Cost Per Click / Cost / CPA

We’ll plot these metrics over a 6 month period to provide an overview of the general trend of each over this time period. These graphs provide an easy to understand view of where the campaign is heading and the potential for the future.


We’ll summarise the activities we’ve performed on your account to give you a full understanding of what work has been performed on the account each month.

Top Performers – Keywords

We break down your keywords and show you which performed best along with key metrics such as Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, CTR, CPA and Total Cost.

Top Performs – Text Ads

As with keywords, we’ll break down your ads and show you which ads perform along with key metrics.

Custom Reporting

Whilst the above is a minimum level of reporting, from time to time (and with larger accounts) we can provide a deeper level of reporting as agreed with the client.