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Premium Consulting by DPOM: Expert digital marketing strategies for businesses seeking growth, led by an industry veteran.

Discover DPOM’s Premium Consulting, where our Director, Brett, brings 20+ years of digital marketing prowess to elevate your strategy. Benefit from monthly meetings, bespoke insights, and priority support tailored for your success. Embark on a transformative journey with a partner committed to your growth. 

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Premium Consulting Service: Strategic Insight, Tailored Exclusively for Your Business

In the fast-evolving world of digital marketing, having a trusted partner with unparalleled experience can make all the difference. That’s why at DPOM, we are proud to introduce our “Premium Consulting” service, a bespoke offering that puts over two decades of digital marketing wisdom at your fingertips.

Exclusive Access to Unmatched Expertise

Monthly Meetings with DPOM Director Brett Dixon: As part of our Premium Consulting service, you’ll have exclusive monthly meetings with Brett along with ongoing communication. Brett brings over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and 14 years at the helm of DPOM, one of the most established digital marketing agencies in the UK. His hands-on approach ensures you benefit from proven strategies and insights that have propelled businesses from nascent startups to renowned brands like Harvey Nichols and BBC Top Gear.

Accredited Expertise: Brett is not only a veteran in the field but also a distinguished member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This accolade is a testament to his commitment to excellence and ethical practices in marketing, offering you peace of mind that your business’s growth is in capable hands.

Priority and Flexibility: With Brett and a minimum of two senior marketing experts dedicated to your account, Premium Consulting clients enjoy absolute priority. This team is committed to ensuring that no matter the challenge, you have the support and agility your business needs to thrive.

Tailored Strategic Partnership: Recognising that each business has unique goals, our service includes customised strategic planning sessions. These are designed to align closely with your vision, leveraging Brett’s two decades of industry leadership to drive your business forward.

A Commitment to Your Success

Our Premium Consulting service is more than just an offering; it’s a commitment to elevating your business with strategic insights and priority support. Starting at £1,500 per month, this service is structured around a minimum six-month engagement, ensuring we can lay a solid foundation for success and adjust strategies as your business evolves.


Why Premium Consulting?

Direct Access: Monthly strategy meetings with Brett ensure you’re always aligned with the latest trends and tactics in digital marketing.

Unparalleled Expertise: Leverage Brett’s 20 years of experience and proven success with brands of all sizes, from local startups to household names.
Strategic Focus: Benefit from a partnership that’s dedicated to understanding and achieving your long-term business objectives.

Priority Service: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having priority access to your dedicated team of senior marketing professionals.


Transform Your Business with DPOM

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level with a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are? Our Premium Consulting service is tailored for those who seek nothing less than exceptional results. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and start your journey towards achieving your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Google Ads? Not sure why you should work with a Google Ads management agency? Here are our frequently asked questions! If you’d like to ask more, just reach out to us here!

As a Premier Google Partner, we know how to maximise your Google Ads campaigns to drive more traffic, more phone calls and more leads & sales. Furthermore, we track every phone call, email and sale you get and report this back to you so you fully understand the ROI of your campaigns.

Running ads without sufficient knowledge is often a recipe for disaster. We’ve taken over dozens of campaigns previously run in-house and fixed various issues including; paying too much per click, showing ads in areas outside of the intended locations and a raft of other problems that usually, we fix quickly to give far superior performance.

It depends. The more you spend, the more clicks you get and therefore the more data we gather that we need to study and then optimise your campaigns. In short, though, we spend as much time as we need to spend on your campaigns regardless of our fee.

We specialise in helping small businesses growth who have a monthly media spend budget of between £500 and £100,000. That’s not to say we don’t work with budgets outside this range, but we’ll need to chat to see if we’re a good fit first.

We do not tie you into long term contracts, just a rolling monthly agreement and you can cancel at any time with only 31days notice.

We keep our pricing simple: Our fees start from just £95 per month for smaller advertisers. Our fees are also fixed, so you pay the same fee every month with no hidden additional charges

We believe in being 100% honest with our clients and sometimes it can take a little time to turn around a struggling account and sometimes we see quick results. The fact is, it is impossible to predict or guarantee but we advise anyone considering paying for advertising to go into it expecting to run your ads for 3-6 months before making a judgement. This will give your campaigns enough time to demonstrate their potential and account for any seasonal variation.

No, not at all! We work with most pay per click platforms including; Bing (Microsoft Ads), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon Ads

In addition to our pay per click management services, we offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media services


We work with any and all sectors and have experience in most. The following examples provide more information about how our experience ensures you maximise results from your campaigns.

We work extensively with business 2 business to provide lead generation campaigns that are both scalable and profitable.

We know that its leads you need and for a price that enables you to be profitable. To achieve this, you need to track every phone call, email and form submission on your website – and this will be the very first thing we do.

From there, we can track every lead you get and optimise around elements that provide the greatest returns.

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We work with e-commerce websites to increase and profitability with targeted campaigns. Using Google/Bing Shopping ads, SEO and Social Media, we design campaigns to increase customers for retailers.

Where Google Ads is concerned, product listing ads are key (Google Shopping.) Optimising your product feed the only way to maximise visibility, sales and profitability and unlike many agencies, we do this as standard.

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Campaigns for software (including SaaS) providers have a unique set of challenges, for example, If your model is based on monthly recurring revenue a different approach may be required than if you offer stand-alone software.

We design campaigns to increase brand awareness, demo sign-ups and purchases to work with your other marketing campaigns.

We also work with market places such as Capterra (Gartner) and others to help you fill your sales funnel.

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Healthcare companies face unique challenges when it comes to digital advertising including, restrictions based around ad types and content which if infringed, could lead to disapproved ads. We know how to navigate the pitfalls.

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We’ve worked with banks, car finance companies, insurance providers and more to provide a scalable and profitable source of leads.

Whether it’s leads for car sales or finance applications you require, we’ve done it all and know how to deliver results.

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