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Google Penalty Recovery

You may be blissfully unaware of a Google penalty for some time, or the effects may hit your site hard immediately. First you lose rankings for important keywords, then comes the drop in organic traffic followed by a catastrophic loss of revenue.

The good news is, we have a 100% success rate at removing manual action penalties!

Removing the Penalty

We start by identifying the cause of the penalty and working closely with clients to rectify problem areas. Where unnatural link penalties are concerned, this usually involves the manual removal of offending links and then submitting for “reconsideration” by Google. It may take several reconsideration requests to convince Google of your intention to operate within the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Once the issues are resolved and the penalty lifted we then advise clients on the best course of action to further recover search engine rankings and traffic. This usually consists on providing a proposal to perform guidelines conforming SEO to the site in order for it to prosper once more.

How do tell if you’ve had a Google Penalty

You need to speak to an expert but you can start by viewing our Google Algorithm Change History to see if any updates correlate to decreasing traffic to your website and then contacting us here.

Algorithmic or Manual Penalty

When you don’t have time to stay ahead of the latest Google algorithm changes or webmaster guidelines, it can put your business and your website in jeopardy. If you have noticed your website traffic is steadily dropping, it could be because Google decided to release another update to its search engine algorithm. Google actions over 400,000 manual penalties every month and your website could be next if you are knowingly or unknowingly using search techniques that violate Google’s best practices.

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Google Penguin

Introduced on April 24th 2012, the Google Penguin Algorithm was designed to detect unnatural links and to demote the rankings of any website that violated Google’s rules. If you have experienced a sudden drop in traffic or conversions, your website could be a casualty of this major search engine update. The good news is that we can identify and resolve these issues quickly and completely.

Google Panda

Introduced on February 23rd 2011, Panda hit many websites hard and affected 12% of search results. The Panda update effectively cracked down on content farms, thin content, poor quality content or websites with a high ad to content ratio. Panda updates are continuing to roll out. If your site traffic is being affected, we can help.

Penalty Recovery

Google has reported that a high percentage of penalised sites are repeat offenders. We ensure that once a penalty has been resolved and removed, you will not have to worry about the same problem occurring again. We will also explain the recovery process in detail to ensure you know the exact status of your recovery, and once your penalty action has been lifted. Once the penalty is removed we will work with you to establish a sustainable SEO strategy that conforms to all Google Guidelines. It is important to note, that once the penalty is removed, you will not usually go back to your previous high position. By manipulating Google ranking factors you obtained a position higher than your website “deserved”. The only way to obtain a top ranking position is to earn it by adhering to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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