Our Social Media Approach - Strategy & Implementation

Our social media campaigns are designed to deliver measurable returns whether used as a stand-alone service, or as apart of a hollistic digital marketing strategy. Social Media is an essential channel to develop a captive audience and assist with your sales funnel.

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We take a data-driven and results-focused approach to crafting creative social media campaigns to meet your objectives.

Growing your audience is all well and good, but it’s crucial to ensure your followers are targeted and ready to engage. While ads are an effective method of growing a social media following, it’s crucial to post relevant content in order to encourage follower engagement. After all, why would you follow a brand if their posts are not relevant to you?

When we post on social media, it isn’t arbitrary: We monitor and analyse previous post data to determine what type of posts at what times result in more engagement. This ensures we consistently deliver relevant messaging to your followers when they are statistically most likely to see it which in turn encourages maximum reach and engagement.



Strategy & Implementation

We never stop developing innovative ways to manage your strategy and give you growing results and are relentless in optimising your social media presence based on your performance data to achieve the optimum performance.

We always start with the following steps:

Social Media Audit: A summary of your current social media presence, branding, community and your competitor's performance.

Platform/Industry Suitability Assessment: Are you using the correct platforms for your business? We will identify which social network is best for your target market.

Platform Profile Assessment: Are all your profiles completed in full? We shall analyse each of your social profiles to ensure they are completed in full and are optimised for maximum discoverability.

Community Assessment: Lots of followers but no engagement? We will review your social community to analyse the quality of your following and identify ways to make improvements.

Content Assessment: Publishing content but getting zero engagement? We shall analyse your published content and identify potential issues that are restricting your performance.

Tone of Voice: Having personality when using social media is crucial, as people want you to add value to their news feed, not a sales pitch! We will analyse your content to determine your online tone & voice and identify potential issues.

Branding Assessment: Operating multiple social platforms? Is your branding optimised across all platforms? Having unified social platforms is essential for building trust within your community.

Competitor Assessment: Are your competitors always ahead of the game? We shall review your 3 main competitors to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

SMART Goals: We will generate attainable goals for your social media based on your business objectives.

Social Media Policy: It is important to have a clear and defined policy for communicating on social media which is why we’ll write a social media policy for your business.




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