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On-going social media optimisation doesn't just mean growing followers. Followers alone don't acheieve anything: Engagement is what helps drive true results. This is why our Social Media campaigns use near real-time data to help grow not just followers, but engagement too.

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On-going optimisation is a crucial part of your social media campaign: Without it, you'd never grow. We take a data-led approach to on-going optimisation and we focus on the metrics that matter:

Audience Growth: This measures how your social media presence is growing, but unlike other agencies, we don't work to win more followers just to inflate numbers: That's pointless. Instead, ensuring that your audience is growing with highly relevant followers is far more important than 1000s of likes from irrelevant and untargeted users.

Impressions: This is a good indicator to understand how many people have been exposed to your brand, we use this to optimise your content as more engagement will increase your impressions.

Engagement: This is one of the most important metrics as social media is all about adding value to the community of people that follow your brand which is why we put a lot of effort into analysing your performance data so we can make objective decisions about your content.

Messages Received: Similar to engagement, this indicates how many people have been in direct contact with your business through social media and depending on your industry this can be vital for optimising future content.

Link Clicks: Another key metric for monitoring website traffic is how many people have clicked your links as this will allow us to monitor your referrals from social media and optimise content to increase these.

Time: We often see that some posts perform better at certain times, on certain days and even on certain devices, we monitor this data and use it when making optimisation decisions.


Multi-Channel Optimisation

Successful social media campaigns are designed to work with your other channels, for instance, SEO and even PPC. While social media is not a direct sales channel, it is a crucial assistance channel where sales are concerned.

Typically, buyers tend to find your website via one channel (SEO or PPC for example) before finding it again via another channel before they buy - social media for example. Here's a typical path to purchase:

Google Search > View products > Research your competitors > Social Media > Google Search > PURCHASE.

To the untrained eye, this might seem a lot of effort to purchase something, but consumers rarely just purchase on the first visit to a website and often look at alternative providers before making a purchase decision.

This is why it is crucial to optimise your social media to consider factors such as the above and we use data to form evidence-based decisions in doing so.



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