January 24, 2020

Google must offer a choice of default search engines

Google is being told by regulators that it must offer a choice of default search engines on upcoming Android devices. Google builds Android software, and so it’s no surprise that until now these devices have used Google for search. If you wanted a different default search engine, you’d have to dig deep through Settings menus.   What’s changing for search […]
June 5, 2017

Microsoft relaunches Skype with new features aimed to rival Facebook and Snapchat

Skype is getting its biggest facelift in years, by bailing on its light-blue theme for a fully customizable interface, with features aimed at the way young people prefer to communicate, from emojis to a Snapchat-like recap of the day (story). 
November 25, 2015

Google updates Android Adwords app – they now include our video campaigns

The new Android update allows users who have the Google AdWords android app to monitor their video campaigns. They can also make bid and budget adjustments directly from their device. Advertisers will now have information such as views and impressions available to them from their palms, which ensures that advertisers can make influential decisions on the fly.  Google continue to […]
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