April 21, 2015

Could EU lawsuit mean the end of Google?

Google dominates global search, but tech is notoriously fast-changing and users ultimately fickle, so when a major anti-competition lawsuit is thrown into the mix, could it spell the demise of the internet giant? Following on from our earlier blog post, the European Union has filed an anti-competition lawsuit against Google, accusing the world’s most popular internet search company of abuse […]
April 13, 2015

Google face €6 billion antitrust fine as EU prepares to file suit

Google could be hit with a fine of up to €6 billion as the European Union wraps up a five-year anti-trust investigation into the internet company and prepares to file charges.
December 4, 2014

European Parliament moves to split search from Google’s other businesses

This past Thursday, the European Parliament got together to pass a resolution that could have major ramifications for the US software-giant Google. The resolution seeks to “unbundle” Google’s search engine from its other commercial enterprises in an effort to stop major search engine providers abusing their positions of power.
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