July 3, 2014

Facebook surveying users on if posts ‘FEEL’ like ads

  Today, my colleague Ben Sharpe was asked by Facebook to complete a survey that displayed posts from his newsfeed asking: Does this post FEEL like an advert. We’re not sure how long this has been happening but unlike Facebook’s recent “creepy” and secret newsfeed experiment we all agree, it was nice of them to ask this time! It does […]
June 30, 2014

Facebook Deceives Users in Controversial Newsfeed Experiment

If you’ve ever logged into Facebook and felt down, it could be due to what your friends are posting. In 2012, Facebook performing an experiment on nearly 700,000 users by adjusting what updates we’re shown in a users newsfeed. By Tweaking the newsfeed algorithm, the experiment was designed to show a mixture of negative and positive updates to measure the […]
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