August 18, 2014
Google Algorithm Change History

Announcing our Google Algorithm Change Timeline

As we’re often asked when a particular Google Algorithm was released we thought we’d plough through every algorithm back to 2012 (we are going to go further) and add them to a snazzy little timeline for your enjoyment. We’ll keep this little beauty up to date to catalog every Google Algorithm update going forward but if we’ve missed anything just […]
September 27, 2013

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

  Yesterday, on Google’s 15th Birthday Celebration Google announced a MAJOR update to it’s algorithm affecting 90% of searches named: Hummingbird (because it’s nimble and fast apparently). The update actually quietly hit a month ago and is designed to give better results of conversational queries such as questions for example: Where’s the closest place I can buy a flux capacitor? […]
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