April 1, 2016

Google pulls ‘mic drop’ April Fools after user backlash

It’s April Fools again and as usual, Google is up to their usual tricks with a series of April Fools jokes. This year, however, it appears one of Google’s ‘jokes’ aren’t exactly going as planned due to the growing outrage at their latest Gmail ’mic drop’ gag. As Google puts it: “Simply reply to any email using the new ‘Send […]
April 1, 2016

Google’s April Fool Jokes 2016

Google is at it again, with it’s usual April Fools jokes so let’s get straight into it, here’s what we’ve found today! Search your photos using emoji   The next revolution in photo search technology is here.https://t.co/6yLWq9yK7G — Google Photos (@googlephotos) March 31, 2016 Rather than search for “Friends at the beach” for example in Google Photos (for it to […]
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