May 27, 2014

Law Firm Sues SEO Company for Violating Google Guidelines

According to a post today on Search Engine Land, law firm,, are suing their SEO company for violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines, in particular for ‘spammy techniques’. The defendant, which offers SEO services to the legal industry in Michigan, USA is accused of knowingly violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines by engaging in unnatural link building practices.   Here are the […]
May 15, 2014
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EU Ruling on Google: The Right to be Forgotten

With the recent EU ruling that Google must ‘amend’ some search results at the request of ‘ordinary’ people in accordance with their “right to be forgotten” [BBC article here] we’re initially seeing responses to indicate this is a fairly positive move.   It’s been stated that if linking to an article of “public interest” then it will not be removed […]
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