March 23, 2013
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13 SEO Myths You Should Ignore

Myth #1 Guaranteed SEO Is there such a thing as Guaranteed Marketing? Of course not. When it comes to search engine rankings guarantees are impossible – Google’s webmaster guidelines warn against such guarantees. Now I’m going to contradict myself a bit here. I guarantee I could rank you for the following search term on page 1 of Google:   “Guaranteed […]
March 16, 2013

5 PPC Myths that drive me bonkers!

 1. Google wants all businesses to use AdWords and not SEO. Rubbish. Google needs to have quality organic results otherwise no one would use Google to look for anything, then the ads would have no one to click them! Yes, Google want everyone to use their PPC system AdWords but no at the expense of organic listings. The two can […]
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