August 20, 2015

Google implementing automated extensions for PLA’s

Google obviously want to ensure that shoppers have the best experiences possible and the only way to ensure this is to keep making positive changes. Well that’s exactly what Google are doing with regards to shopping ads. Promotional text is a feature that is added to your ad groups in AdWords, people use this to highlight specific offers such as […]
May 28, 2015

How to Spy on your Adwords Competitors

  Every business would love to know how their competitors are performing and now you can! (Sort of.) Google Adwords has a handy little tool to show how your keywords are comparing with your top nemesis’ accounts. The chances are there are a select amount of keywords on any Adwords account that drive the majority of traffic and conversions, these […]
May 22, 2015

Adwords Conversion Lag Explained.

  Adwords is not an instant-win solution. There. I said it. Many agencies and Google themselves are very good at creating the impression that anyone can throw an Adwords account together and the enquiries and sales just come sailing in from that very moment. This simply is not true. Now there are a multitude of reasons that you Adwords Management […]
March 27, 2015

AdWords Quality score dropped? Google Bug Causing Massive Quality Score Drops

If you’ve realised a sudden drop in your quality scores and don’t know why Google may be to blame! It has recently come to our attention that some of our own quality scores have dropped despite there being no changes to our Ads. We browsed our AdWords accounts for issues, checking landing pages and all of our ads. No issues […]
March 26, 2015

Google Introducing Product Rating to Product Listing Ads

Product rating PLA’s Last year Google introduced ratings on the product listing Ads in the US. The ratings have received a great response and I’m pleased to inform you that product ratings are now available in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Product ratings are shown on a 5 star rating system and are really effective in giving the shopper […]
June 22, 2014

Important: Changes to Google Shopping Feed Specification

Google has announced changes to their Google Shopping feeds specification. If you are using product listing ads via Google AdWords you will have to ensure your feed is updated prior to to September the 30th 2014. Full specifications can be found here. We advise all clients to leave their existing feeds intact whilst configuring a new feed to the new […]
July 19, 2013

Google Product Listing Ads Set to Dominate

    Google has rolled out a new, commercial Product Listing Ads system which replaces their free Google Shopping service. The new paid ads show up naturally in normal search results, based on search relevance, and are charged on a pay per click model. Google is promoting this as an improved service offering vendors a simple way to present richer […]
February 3, 2013

Google Product Listing Ads – Why E-Commerce sites should jump in.

I blogged about the upcoming changes to Google Shopping a few weeks ago with details of what to expect but in light of some information coming out of the US (Where Google Shopping is already a fully paid service) I feel it’s time for a follow up. So, I’m reading a lot on Social Media and various forums about the […]
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