April 16, 2015

Google accidentally enters politics

Google’s search engine is one of the most powerful and ubiquitously-used on the planet. In many respects, it’s the backbone of the entire corporation. The web giant has every reason to be proud of its search engine. Every so often, however, it stops making them proud and makes them deeply, deeply embarrassed instead. You wouldn’t think that a non-sentient tool […]
April 10, 2015

6 Reasons Why Running Your Own PPC Campaign WILL Cost You a Fortune

    Is your self-run PPC campaign failing and wasting your marketing budget? Spending money and seeing no return is something we all fear; Working hard to make a living and then throwing cash away on a dodgy investment that brings us no discernible benefit is not simply annoying, it can drive a company or individual to the limits of […]
February 5, 2015

How Amazon Prime Reeled Me In & What We Can Learn From Them.

  I’m one of those people who is commitment-phobic when it comes to signing up to monthly fees on anything. If I can pay something off without being stuck in a contract for months / years then I will. There’s nothing worse than continuing to pay for a service I don’t use and don’t like any more. So signing up […]
December 4, 2014

Online marketers get ready – Black Friday is here to stay

Online marketers get ready – Black Friday is here to stay Well, it seems to have happened again. Once more an American-centric trend has made its way across the Atlantic and begun to influence the UK market place. We are talking of course about Black Friday, the American marketing drive that aims to persuade everyone to empty their pockets the […]
November 20, 2013

Will The New .UK Domain Hurt Your SEO?

Nominet has this week announced the rollout of a new .uk domain extension as an alternative to the existing .co.uk extension which will become available from Summer 2014. First refusal will be giving to existing owners of the .co.uk domain for a period of 5 years and should a user own the .org.uk equivalent, priority will be given to the […]
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