January 10, 2020

YouTube rolls out COPPA changes

YouTube’s new privacy changes, which have been introduced to ensure compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) guidelines, have rolled out this week (January 6 2020). Originally announced in September, the new rules mean targeted ads will no longer be available alongside videos which are designated for children.   Why has YouTube introduced this? As per COPPA, companies […]
July 4, 2016

Announced: twitter extends their video length time and launches a new app

It’s official! As of June 21st, Twitter announced that you’ll now be able to tweet videos that are 140 seconds long. Say goodbye to the 30-second time slot of yesteryear: you can now show off to the world your ability to eat 140 marshmallows, in 140 seconds. 
April 2, 2015

The Best April Fools Jokes of 2015.

  It seems like everyone is in competition when it comes to April Fools jokes and now it’s become a potent tool for online advertisers to get a bit of “viral” link juice going. Many big companies put a lot of effort into a graphically-involved joke and in some cases even fully working programs. No longer content with clingfilm on […]
March 17, 2015

Why search engines love video

When it comes to deciding what type of content is most likely to get picked up by search engines and, as a result, get seen by your potential audience, most of the focus is centred around creating text that’s optimised for search engines.
June 12, 2014

The DPOM World Cup Sweepstake!

March 14, 2014

This Week’s News Video Feat. New Panda Update and Keyword Not Provided

November 18, 2012
seo image

What is SEO?

DP Online Marketing Agency staffers Brett Dixon and Ben Sharpe talk SEO Basics in our latest video. We’re are never going to become TV Presenters but we think our unrehearsed and “off the cuff” video style make it a little easier to watch than perhaps the billions of other SEO videos out there!   The Video in Brief     […]
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