September 4, 2020

Why is your Website the Backbone of your Online Success?

Here at DPOM, we mainly talk about different ways to market your business, sell your products and raise your awareness. But, today we wanted to dive deeper into the profound impact that your website or landing page has a consumers actions. It’s no secret that the design and usability of a site affects a customers decision-making process. Most customers are […]
July 24, 2014

Turning your visitors into readers, contributors or publishers

  Readers… If you have a website and social media pages, then every single day both strangers and regulars are going to pay you a visit. So far, so good. Just like at home though there are better sorts of visitors. Some simply sit in a corner, drink your wine and eat your food, then go home – leaving you […]
July 2, 2014

We’ll Work With You for Free and Take All the Risk! (Not)

  You’re a genius! Yes you are!    You’ve thought of a brilliant idea for a contemporary twist on a Social Network / Web portal / Multimedia outlet / Subscribe-able forum that connects people to one another and enables them to share content, upload media and join groups with other like-minded individuals. We know that users will be queueing up […]
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