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MONTREAL, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 30, 2018: Google Ads new logo and app on a Samsung s8 screen. Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, is an online advertising platform developed by Google

Do you ever look at your campaigns and decide to pause them for a while due to seemingly unsatisfactory performance or to save budget? This may be an easy solution, but it’s not smart. Instead, you should be asking yourself “if I turn this off, will it affect anything else?”.

It is vital that advertisers find alternative ways to turn around underperforming campaigns/ad groups rather than pausing them for a short while. This is the key to high-performing Google Ads accounts.

The Effects

Many users may think that pausing and enabling your campaigns regularly causes no harm to them. However, this is most certainly not the case! Pausing a campaign abruptly stops all data from being collected. This then means that you are essentially putting a halt on any progress being made in the campaign. 

It is impossible for Ads accounts to grow and develop to deliver higher ROI and positive results if they are consistently being paused and enabled. Therefore, if all you are doing is pausing low-performing campaigns, you’ll end up in a downward spiral.

The Alternatives

In order to grow, you need to optimise the poor-performing areas of your campaigns to see improvements over time. Some of the most frequently missed areas of Google Ads accounts are often the ones that contribute to poor performance. You can find some of these below:

  • Ad schedule
  • Attribution models
  • Devices
  • A/B testing
  • Negative keywords
  • RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads)

Ad Schedules and Device Bid Adjustments can be used to benefit the performance of a campaign when implemented correctly. However, some accounts suffer at the hands of fast judgment. Here’s some advice on the do’s and don’t of Ad Schedules and Devices: 

Ad Schedule

Each campaign has an option to choose what times/days your ads are eligible to show. You can then show your ads based on the times of the day or on specific days of the week. However, you should always be aware when it comes to excluding particular days or times. You should always look at data over an extended period of time, for example, 2 or 3 months, before making a decision to exclude a specific date or time. Looking over your data for the past 7-days, for example, is simply not beneficial towards your decision making. Say for example you look at the last few days worth of data in your account, things such as seasonality can come into play and affect the trustworthiness of your data. 


When looking at your Google Ads account down the left-hand side, you can see data collected from 3 main devices. These being:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Desktop Computers 
  • Tablets

In your devices section, you can take a look at such aspects as impressions, interaction rate and average cost per click or conversion per device over time. With this information, you can adjust your bid per device and campaign. Once again, when deciding whether to increase or decrease your bids, you need to look at data over time. Say you look at your conversions over the last 7-days and see you have had no conversions on tablets. This is not reason enough to decrease your bids for that particular device. However, if you’re looking at a time frame of 30-days+ and you’re not seeing conversions coming through on tablet devices, it’s time to look further into decreasing your bids. 


In the majority of cases, pausing your Google Ads campaigns hinders your performance rather than assists it. It is always vitally important to look at data collected in your account over time and to make informed decisions with the success of your campaigns in mind. What may seem like an unsuccessful account may have just met a few speed bumps in the road and with the right attention and nurture, can become a triumph!  

If your business is struggling with its Google Ads performance, it’s time to contact our online marketing specialists! At DPOM, we have experience working with over 400 businesses in different sectors. From Intranet software to recruitment agencies, we’ve worked with them all.  You have nothing to lose, just gain. Getting in touch with us is simple, call us today on 0115 727 0038.


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