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Twitter Advertising – The Stats

  • 54% of users say promotions they learn about on Twitter drive them to purchase.
  • People on Twitter care about what brands have to say and want to hear from them: 51% of people on Twitter want to stay up-to-date with brand news and happenings.
  • Multiple exposures (2-3x) to a Promoted Tweet campaign leads to a 10% lift in brand favorability.
  • 55% of people on Twitter talk about what they’re doing in the moment.
  • 80% of people on Twitter mention brands in their Tweets.
  • 54% of people exposed to those same Tweets take action.
  • Twitter is a community of brand advocates and influencers who take action: 54% of Twitter users have taken actions like visiting a website or Twitter page, after exposure to brand earned media.
  • 79% of people on Twitter recall seeing brand earned media combined with a brand Tweet, have taken action.

Our Twitter Advertising Service

Our qualified social media advertising experts will work closely with you to develop a strategy based on your objectives and report back to you with pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs’). Twitter offer a range of advertising products suited to varying objectives and examples of these are detailed below.

If you’re not sure which Twitter advertising solution is for you, give us a call and speak to our friendly team!

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Follower Campaign

When someone follows you on Twitter, you gain a chance to engage with that person over time. Recent studies show that followers don’t just see your Tweets, they also take actions that benefit your brand. With a followers campaign, your can use Promoted Accounts to grow your Twitter community. Follower campaigns are priced on a cost-per-follow (CPF) basis so you only pay when you gain a new follower. Promoted Accounts appear in the Home timeline or the “Who to follow” widget.

Website Clicks or Conversions Campaign

Forty-seven percent of Twitter users who follow a business are more likely to visit the company’s website. Website clicks or conversions campaigns let brands send people to a site to take an action. Website clicks or conversions campaigns use a Promoted Tweet with a Website Card. Website Cards are visible in the search results and timeline.

Website Clicks Campaign
Engagement Campaign

Tweet Engagement Campaign

Tweet engagements campaigns let brands drive conversations with key audiences on Twitter and include a Promoted Tweet. People on Twitter have passionate conversations, explore topics and share interesting content. Becoming a part of that active and energetic engagement is a great way to build relationships and create advocates for your brand. Promoted Tweets appear in the timeline and search results.

App Installs or Engagement Campaign

Eighty percent of Twitter’s users access the platform from a mobile device; this creates a huge opportunity for brands to reach a relevant audience. We’ve made it easy to create campaigns that let people download and open your mobile app directly from your Tweets. App installs or engagements campaigns use Promoted Tweets with a media-forward App Card. The Promoted Tweet with Mobile App Card appears on a person’s timeline (on mobile only).

App Campaigns
Twitter Leads Campaign

Leads on Twitter Campaign

With a leads on Twitter campaign, people can seamlessly exchange their email address with your brand so you can capture more leads. This campaign type incorporates a Promoted Tweet and Lead Generation Card. The Promoted Tweet with Lead Gen Card is visible to targeted users in their timelines and in search results.

Build Brand Awareness

Trending topics on Twitter capture the moments people care about most. Promoted Trends can drive mass awareness and kick start a conversation on Twitter. Promoted Trends have long term impact. With a 73% lift in brand mentions, Promoted Trends had their greatest impact the day they ran. But even three weeks after a trend, brands reaped benefits: a 20% lift in brand mentions, 22% lift in positive mentions and 10% lift in Retweets. Please note that Promoted Trends can be purchased through your Twitter Account Team. Promoted Trends appear at the top of the list of trending topics. They can also appear in a user’s timeline.

Build Brand Awareness

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