Welcome to DPOM

For over 8 years we have helped over 400 businesses grow with our digital marketing services. We have offices in both Nottingham city center and the seaside resort of Skegness and we'd be pleased to welcome you to either.

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Get in touch: 0115 727 0038

Welcome to DPOM

Founded in 2011, DPOM (DP Online Marketing Ltd) is a Google Premier Partner based in the city of Nottingham with additional offices in Skegness, Lincolnshire.

We understand that you need to extract every drop of performance from your marketing budget and it's crucial that you receive returns as soon as possible. To achieve this, we will work very closely with you: you'll have a dedicated account manager who will get to know you and your business with the goal of crafting digital campaigns that help you win more customers. We will talk to you regularly, arrange meetings and answer any concerns you have along the way. 

Above all, we will give you realistic expectations from the start. Our proposals detail time frames, what to expect and when to expect it and we are entirely transparent: There are no guarantees when it comes to any type of marketing, but with our skill and experience, we will help achieve your full potential.


Google Premier Partner

As a Google Premier Partner, we have been recognised by Google for the superior service we provide to our clients. To achieve Premier Partner we have:

Demonstrated a high level of spend across our clients Google Ads accounts

Exceeded performance targets by delivering revenue growth and profitable returns

Demonstrated our knowledge and experience across all campaign types including search, display, shopping, mobile and video.


Get in touch: 0115 727 0038

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Get in touch: 0115 727 0038

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DP Online Marketing Mission Statement

DP Online Marketing is an agency that focuses on helping businesses grow through the use of digital marketing. We help businesses maximise their marketing investments by targeting people who are already searching for their products and helping businesses increase their brand reach with creative brand awareness campaigns.


Our Aims

We believe that it is wrong to give false expectations to customers from the very start of a relationship. We won’t take your money if it is clear your budget and commitment fall short of what is required to benefit from digital marketing. We are completely transparent and as such we are straight talking.

We will provide you with realistic expectations from the very start, which will save both of us time and money. Sometimes we will give you information that you probably won’t want to hear, we won’t dress it up, we’ll just give you the facts based solely on the data available to enable you to make informed business decisions. That way, both of us will have respect for each other as well as common goals; we don’t take on clients for purely financial gain, we never will.


Our Team

We don’t employ salespeople full stop! When you first contact us you will have the attention of a fully qualified marketing professional, who will advise you accordingly and promptly furnish you with a quotation.  As an established client, you will have your own Online Marketing Consultant throughout our business relationship; we won’t pass you around the office. Your consultant will be just as eager to see you grow as you are and will advise you how this can be achieved.


Business Relationships

We put a strong emphasis on long-term relationships.  All our relationships are built on solid foundations and mutual trust. We treat everyone with equality and respect.



We continually re-invest in technology, software and staff training to meet the demanding changes of the online marketing industry and to ensure that you, the client,  gets the best possible chance of fulfilling your goals at the right level.

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