Our Transparency Guarantee

We won’t take you on as a client if we don’t feel we can help your business grow.
We will tell you from the outset if we don’t think we can help you.

We won’t make promises we can’t keep:
We will never over-promise and under-deliver; we will never guarantee or promise performance levels, as this is impossible.


We will give you realistic expectations: 
It’s likely to take at least three months to see results, sometimes it’s quicker, and sometimes it’s longer than this, but you should be prepared to give us at least three months before determining if your campaigns can yield the results you hope for. Advertising requires patience and investment to work. Google Ads (or any advertising) does not work for all advertisers; there is always a chance it won’t work for you.

We will make it easy to cancel:
We don’t tie you into long-term or minimum-term contracts, just a monthly rolling agreement that you can cancel by giving us 31 days’ notice by emailing cancellations@dpom.co.uk.

Fair Pricing:
We offer several packages with varying service levels for various Google Ads Spend budgets. We outline what each package includes clearly and concisely so you know exactly what you’re paying for. There are no hidden costs.


Why is this important?

The cornerstone of any successful business relationship is trust, and we at DPOM firmly believe in earning that trust through complete transparency. Our Transparency Guarantee isn’t a mere marketing ploy or a box-ticking exercise. It’s a commitment to you—our valued client—that we’ll always act in your best interests, providing honest, straightforward advice and realistic expectations from the very beginning of our relationship.

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