Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, often provides the best return on investment when compared to other channels such as pay per click advertising. However, for SEO to be profitable it can take a considerable time and so, therefore, SEO should always be viewed as a long-term marketing strategy.

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Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Our approach to SEO considers all aspects of your online marketing including; Social Media, PR, Paid Search and Conversion Rate Optimisation. We’re not just focusing on ranking positions or link building; we work hard to deliver an SEO campaign which works in harmony with your existing marketing activities.

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Fully Integrated SEO

Search engine optimisation has evolved. What worked in the past doesn’t work today and to achieve SEO success, you need to consider how other channels impact your organic visibility.



Regular, quality content creation underpins all of our SEO campaigns. We design content to entertain and inform your potential customers while establishing you as an authority in your field. Regular content helps us rank you for more search terms including those never searched for before (up to 15% of daily searches in Google are new) and when combined with social media, amplifies your brand reach.


Social Media

Social Media is crucial to SEO: It helps establish your brand, connect you with industry influencers and that contributes to your overall visibility. We’ll help you get the most for your social media with regular feedback and support (we can fully manage it too.) If we manage your social media directly, we’ll leverage social networks to aid discovery of your content and help your overall visibility by creating content people actually want to link to.


There are more searches in Google on mobile than on desktop, a mobile website is crucial as is a mobile strategy – we’ll advise you how to ensure you achieve the highest levels of visibility across multiple devices to ensure when for example, a customer starts a search on mobile and repeats it later on desktop, your brand is visible.



We ensure ALL channels are working in sympathy with your Search Engine Optimisation campaign.  A multi-channel approach is crucial to any profitable campaign and ensures that customers who find you via one channel can find you again via other channels. For example, a customer may first find you via your PPC campaign but may eventually purchase after seeing you multiple times on social or in organic search.





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Why Choose DPOM?

Aside from our 5-star reviews and Google Premier Partner status, there are several further reasons why you should choose DPOM to manage your Search Engine Optimisation campaigns:




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