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For SEO to succeed it must form part of a fully formed online marketing strategy. That’s why, before we even begin to think about strategising, we work with you to fully understand your existing marketing strategy both on and offline to ensure our SEO services are as effective as possible.

Our approach to SEO considers all aspects of your online marketing including; Social Media, PR, Paid Search and Conversion Rate optimisation. We’re not just focusing on ranking positions or link building; we work alongside all of your marketing activities to deliver an SEO campaign which works in harmony with your existing marketing activities.

Fully Integrated SEO

Search engine optimisation has evolved. What worked in the past doesn’t work today and to achieve SEO success, you need to consider how other channels impact your organic visibility.

Social Media, for instance, is crucial to SEO: It helps establish your brand, connect you with industry influencers and that contributes to your overall visibility. We’ll help you get the most for your social media with regular feedback and support.

Mobile: There are more searches in Google on mobile than on desktop, a mobile website is crucial as is a mobile strategy – we’ll advise you how to ensure you achieve the highest levels of visibility across multiple devices.

When we talk about SEO, we’re talking about your online marketing strategy as a whole and we’ll work closely with you to identify areas which require improvement to meet your end goals: More sales.

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Fixed Price SEO Without Long Term Contracts

We don’t tie you into long term contracts, and we provide simple pricing from the very start. We take pride in providing our clients with realistic expectations: SEO takes time to gain momentum, and while we don’t tie you in with long-term contracts, it’s important to understand that SEO does get better with age, and we need time to demonstrate its potential.


SEO is not a dark art. There are no tricks or techniques to get you to the top quickly – without getting a penalty from search engines at least.

Penalties are bad – they can wipe you off a search engines listings altogether which is why we don’t take shortcuts. We closely follow search engine guidelines to maximise your visibility in a sustainable way.

KPI’s and Reporting

We work with you to establish Key Performance Indicators to help you understand how your SEO campaign is progressing. We back this up with regular monthly reports detailing a host of metrics designed to keep you fully informed.

Additionally, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will not only work on your account but also be in regular contact with you, to answer any questions.

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What do our clients say?

We continually strive to improve our service and use a third party organisation (Feefo) to collect feedback on our behalf.  Here’s a selection of our recent reviews!

Been with DPOM for over a year, seen a steady increase in sales from google AdWords. Happy enough!
Verified Customer, Read the full review here
Having had our PPC under management with another company for a couple of years we felt we were not getting enough information and interaction – in a couple of calls with Ben we realised that there was more to know and our account could be a lot better so we moved to DPOM and Ben went went to work. Our CTR has increased massivel and we now have access to the stats that matter, we can see where our money is going and where our sales are increasing. Looking forward to even better ROI as the campaigns get tweaked
Excellent Service and ROI. DPOM have done an outstanding job of taking our Google Adwords campaigns and making them whole again. We were just throwing money away using old techniques and standards. Since using DPOM we are back on track. We highly recommend DPOM!
DPOM are knowledgeable, helpful, proactive, and great to work with! DPOM are exceptionally helpful and on-the-ball with all things SEO and digital marketing! They have really helped us focus our marketing efforts at a time when things weren’t so organised, and have been proactive at all times when providing advice and guidance.

Ben, our account manager, is especially knowledgeable and always happy to help – no question is too small or silly! Every email is answered promptly and personably, and I couldn’t recommend DPOM enough.

Verified Customer, Read the full review here
5 STAR SERVICE!!! DPOM are fantastic! We work with them daily to help us improve our own service with our own customers. The team is so friendly and very approachable!

They help us identify key strategies which will allow us to grow our online presence. They are so helpful and very reactive to any emails or contact we have with them – they usually respond within the hour and most of the time within 15 minutes.

They provide us with very detailed reports and actually call us monthly to talk through them so that we understand them. They are experts in the field and they ensure we understand the literature that they provide us with.

We can’t fault DPOM and are thankful for all of their help!

Alannah, Lincolnshire, Read the full review here

SEO is a Long Term Marketing Strategy

SEO is a long term marketing strategy: quick fixes and ‘get ranked quick schemes’ usually always end in disaster as Google penalises websites that don’t adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The only way to sustainably increase traffic and conversions from organic search is to take a wide reaching approach designed to increase your brands authority, trust and ultimately reach. 

Just like in the offline world it takes time to become the marketing leader and you can only do so with marketing designed around your clients. SEO is exactly the same, we work hard to please your visitors not just search engines and it’s this approach that will deliver sustainable results in the long term.

SEO With a Focus on Conversions

Ranking high in search is one thing, but more sales from organic search is another. Our SEO campaigns are designed to increase sales and enquiries over anything else and we won’t try and impress you with meaningless “vanity” search engine rankings. In fact, we don’t even limit the number of keywords we optimise your website for and why should we? We all search differently online and we aim to increase your sales by ensuring you are visible for as many search queries as possible.

We’ll use the latest technology to optimise your website to rank for terms your customers actually use and continually look for new opportunities to maximise your visibility.

Get in touch with us today for a no obligation chat about how we can help increase your visibility and sales.

Keyword Research

Using industry leading tools and databases comprising of millions of keywords, we deep dive into your industry to surface keywords you’ve probably never even considered. We don’t just focus on the “main” terms: we research and optimise for mid and long tail search terms that convert better too. Ranking positions are great, but our SEO service is designed to increase your ROI, that’s what really counts.

It’s crucial to remember that we all search differently: We don’t all just search with 1 search term (Such as “Restaurants” for example). We all search in increasingly different ways depending on our exact requirements or even what sort of device we’re searching on. For example, if you’re booking a trip to London you may search for: “Good restaurants in London” and once you arrive you may repeat the search on a mobile phone with “Good Italian restaurants near me”. Considering these types of scenarios is crucial to SEO success in a world where both search queries and behaviour are becoming increasingly complex.

Natural Link Earning

Looking natural isn’t natural. Google penalises for unnatural link building and we’re in the business of success not failure. We don’t perform unnatural link building as part of our SEO service, we’re smarter than that. We assess why you’re worthy of links and create opportunities for you to earn links naturally – and avoid penalties. The result? Sustainable and truly natural organic growth.

So how do you earn natural links? It’s not easy, it’s not fast, but by creating quality content that is worthy of conversation (and linking to) the links will come. Our SEO strategy is based on this very concept: Build a brand, not links.

After all, the Google Webmaster Guidelines tell us to do exactly this.

Quality Content Creation

Google wants to provide an impeccable and invaluable service to its users. Therefore it is only natural that they will reward websites that offer fresh and engaging content. Our content marketing services will help you to attract high quality targeted traffic, give your visitors the information they are looking for and hook them in with an irresistible sales message. From blog posts to website content and social media content and more, it has never been more important to get your content marketing just right.

E-commerce SEO

With potentially thousands of daily transactions, E-Commerce websites require a high level of analytical review. Which products perform best? Which perform worst? How do we increase average sale values? Our E-Commerce SEO service is designed to constantly work to improve performance in every possible area with a strong focus on conversion rate optimisation.

A Conversion Led Process With Detailed Reporting

We take a conversion led approach and optimise around search terms which are likely to result in sales. Consider the fact that 20% of daily searches have never been searched for previously, it highlights the huge amount of varying search terms your customers are using. We’ll regularly perform research using trends data, keywords data and data obtained through your website to optimise your website to capture traffic for a variety of terms and then optimise around actual sales (or lead) performance.

DPOM: Qualified & Experienced

Our SEO Managers are certified by Google and Bing and take yearly exams to maintain their qualifications. DPOM is a Google Partner and Bing Accredited Professional and in order to maintain these partnerships we are required to deliver consistently strong performance for our clients and meet the requirements of Google’s Third Party Policy.

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