Reinforced Beds

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Reinforced Beds

124% Increase in Revenue
150% Increase in Organic Traffic

The Brief

Reinforced beds approached DPOM in early 2020 with the task of improving their organic visibility in addition to improving ROI from their Google Ads campaign.

Using a content-driven SEO approach the objective was to help Reinforced beds rank for early-funnel search terms as potential customers researched into the specialist furniture they offer.

The strategy was to educate early searches and build brand affinity so when they are ready to buy, they recall the brand and convert. 

Organic traffic more than doubled in 1 year with revenue increase by 1.5x the previous year from organic alone.

Where Google Ads is concerned, we worked on both search and shopping campaigns to increase ROI by reducing wasted spend.

Granular control of shopping bids allowed us to precisely bid on products and manage advertising costs to maximise revenue.

The full approach was holistic: Leveraging data from organic performance and applying to to paid ads (and vice versa) provide substantial data points to base optimisation decisions to drive rapid scalable growth.

The Results

Graph shows revenue increase trend

Graph shows organic traffic increase trend

The client says:

“The interest and demand of our specialist online furniture company have grown significantly over the years. This means we don’t always have the time to manage our digital marketing in-house. That’s why we reached out to DPOM. A decision that has not been regretted once over the past 12 months. During this time, DPOM has helped steer our PPC and SEO campaigns in the right direction, generating considerable ROI’s for us within an increasingly competitive market.

We also wish to offer a special mention to Chloe, who keep us up to date, making vital recommendations across our website for SEO improvements and user experience. Thank you.

We’re excited to continue working with you and generate more outstanding results.”

You can view more information on the Reinforced Beds website.

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95% reduction in CPA

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1200% increase in leads

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13% increase in average order value

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150% increase in organic traffic