Refund Policy

Once DP Online Marketing Ltd initiates a service, encompassing labour exerted towards your account, creative elements, and other related aspects, it is important to note that refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.
Assumption of Risk by Client – All services are availed entirely at the client’s risk. DP Online Marketing Ltd explicitly states that there shall be no guarantees, refunds, exchanges, or credits offered.
Declaration of Non-Liability – DP Online Marketing Ltd shall not, under any circumstance, be held responsible or liable for any monetary investments or losses incurred by the client.
Refunds from Advertising Platforms – To the best of our knowledge, digital advertising entities, including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, do not typically offer refunds on expenses related to advertisements, clicks, budgets, etc. Once funds are committed, it is highly unlikely that they will be returned irrespective of the validity or circumstances of your claim. It is important to understand that these platforms are inflexible in matters of refund requests or service issues, including but not limited to, loss of investment or unexpectedly high charges for clicks and placements.
Our Stance on Business, Advertising, and Marketing – DP Online Marketing Ltd holds the view that business, advertising, and marketing endeavours inherently involve a degree of risk. Efforts and resources are invested with the hope of realising gains, profits, or desired outcomes, but it must be acknowledged that failure is also a possible outcome.
Advisement on Responsible Investment – Clients are strongly advised not to allocate any amount of funds towards PPC services if they are not in a financial position to absorb a total loss of this investment with no return, results, revenue, or profit.
Disclaimer of Assured Outcomes or Expected Results – DP Online Marketing Ltd explicitly declares that we do not offer any guarantees or assurances in terms of results or outcomes. It is beyond the scope and ability of digital marketing professionals and agencies to provide such guarantees.