Google Ads Calculators

Need to calculate your ROAS? Project your growth? Work out your profit margins? Our Google Ads tools and calculates provide a handy resource to understand your advertising performance to enable you to make effective decisions. 

Return on Ad Spend Calculator (ROAS)

Enter your revenue and ad spend to learn your ROAS as a percentage. This tool is ideal for e-commerce websites who use Google Ads.

This tool is particularly useful if you’re planning to use the “Target ROAS” bid strategy in Google Ads or if you’d like to understand the relationship between ad spend and revenue.

Profit Calculator

Enter your total sales value and your total costs to learn your profit margin.

Before you commit to any marketing campaign, it’s important to get the basics right first. Knowing what your profit is on a product/service level will enable you to fully understand what level of performance in Google Ads is required to maintain or improve profit levels.

Growth Projector

To use this tool, enter your conversion numbers for the last month you ran ads then enter the average month-to-month growth rate as a %age. Finally, enter a value into “number of months” to learn how many conversions you should receive by that point.

This tool is ideal to learn how your Google Ads campaign will do in the future based on past performance. It does not however account for seasonal fluctuations.

Traffic Growth Calculator

This tool works exactly like the conversion growth projector but will predict your future website traffic levels based on the previous traffic level growth.

This tool can be use to project traffic levels for both Google Ads and SEO.