Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of making changes to your website in order to gain more conversions - be those sales or leads for example. We use A:B testing and tools such as heat mapping to understand how your visitors convert and then encourage to convert more often.

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Higher conversion rates mean more conversions and increased return on investment. Increasing your site conversion rate will help every channel including PPC, SEO and Direct traffic.

Why do I need Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Improving your conversion rate is one of the most effective and scalable methods of increasing conversions. For example, if your current conversion rate is 1%, over time, increasing it by just 0.5% will provide a 50% increase in conversions from the same number of visitors.

Often, website owners prioritise traffic levels over everything else when in reality, getting more from existing visitors can give great results and that’s why CRO can give significant improvements to the number of customers you win via your website.

Improving your websites conversion rate will increase performance from all channels including; PPC, SEO and Social media.


How does CRO work?

We use industry-leading tools to run ‘experiments’ to see how small changes on your website affects conversion rate.

Example 1: We create a copy of your home page and show this to 50% of your visitors. One variation is the original, the other has a large ‘call to action’ stating “Email us for a quotation today!” We then measure the performance of each variation. At the end of the experiment, we can see the variation produces a 0.5% increase in conversion rate.

Example 2: We make a copy of your checkout page with a different colour check out button. We find after two weeks there is a 95% certainty that the new colour gives you a 0.2% increase in the number of successful checkouts.

In both examples, we would then ask you to implement the winning variation permanently to give you an increased conversion rate and therefore more conversions.


What does the DPOM Conversion Rate Optimisation service include?

We study your analytics and make a data-driven determination of what your websites ‘weak points’ are. We then create a “hypothesis” i.e. what could we do to improve these weak areas and what would the result look like.

We then create a variation of the chose webpage and an experiment that runs for at least 2 weeks or until it has a 95% certainty. The following image shows what a successful experiment looks like.

What sort of things do you test?

Anything and everything: Text, colours, size, font, layout, forms, images and more. The slightest change to a webpage has an effect on conversion rate so we test lots of aspects and all tests are derived from your data.







Get in touch: 0115 727 0038

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