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Managing PPC campaigns for eCommerce websites requires a unique set of skills and experience. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 products, we work with online retailers to create targeted PPC campaigns to increase sales using Google or Bing Shopping Ads.

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    Sell more products online with Google Shopping Ads

    We provide a full eCommerce digital marketing service which includes Google/Bing Ads, Amazon PPC Ads and product feed creation and management for online retailers of any size.

    Whether it’s Google or Bing Shopping or various comparison sites, the fundamentals are the same: using a feed from your website that contains all of your product information, ads are generated dynamically to ensure you only show ads for products that are in-stock and available to buy.

    We understand that your PPC campaigns on any platform must be profitable and we work closely with our clients to ensure margins are maintained and sales are maximised.

    We do this by regularly communicating with you to learn which products carry low or high margins and developing campaign strategies to ensure ad spend remains within limits to ensure profitability for any given product.

    If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, or you aren’t sure how your performance can be improved, request our free Google Ads audit to learn more.

    Social Media Advertising

    Social media advertising can be immensely profitable to your business providing a low-cost addition to your digital marketing armoury.
    With more advanced targeting than ever before, social media ads are essential for businesses looking to scale.

    Influencer Marketing

    Our Influencer Marketing Package connects your brand with influential users on Social Media. 

    We take care of the research, communication and reporting to ensure you receive the most from your Influencer campaign.

    E-Mail Marketing

    Our e-mail marketing service helps our customers deliver the right message at the right time directly to a users mailbox. E-mail marketing is a great way to draw attention to specific products, offers or reinforce your brand throughout all stages of the customer journey

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    Our eCommerce PPC Services

    Our service includes everything you’d expect from a Google Premier Partner agency. Experienced account managers trained and certified by Google, regular communication over strategy and progress and clear key performance indicators to ensure you know how your campaigns are progressing. Everything we do is completely transparent, we know you expect results and we make it clear how we will achieve your objectives from the start.

    Google Shopping Ads

    With over 58% of adclicks going to Google Shopping accounts, it is essential for every online retailer to leverage this important feature of Google Ads. Product Listing Ads dominate search results for retail based queries: Each ad contains the product image, name and price and as such attracts targeted buyers to visit your website and purchase.

    Whether it’s Google or Bing Shopping or various comparison sites, the fundamentals are the same: using a feed from your website that contains all of your product information, ads are generated dynamically to ensure you only show ads for products that are in-stock and available to buy. 

    We work closely with you to develop strategies to maximise the ROI of both high and low margin products.

    Bing Shopping Ads

    Often disregarded, Bing presents online retailers with a fantastic opportunity to reach more buyers online.

    With over 378 million monthly searches and 21.6% of the UK search market, Bing (Now Microsoft Ads) enables retailers to increase the number of potential buyers to advertise to. Shopping Ads on Bing work much the same as Google but with the added advantage of generally lower CPC’s which provides retailers with a potentially higher level of ROI. 

    While Google commands the majoirty of the market (and therefore buyers) scaling campaigns using Bing Shopping Ads provides eCommerce websites a great opportunity to drive additional, profitable sales.

    Amazon PPC

    55% of consumers start their product search on Amazon but it’s tough to remain competitive with organic results and this is where Amazon PPC ads come into play.

    Amazon Sponsored Products allows you to promote a product by increasing it’s visibility in Amazon search results. You don’t have to advertise all products and can selectively advertise sales, slow movers, best sellers or of course, your entire product range.

    Feed Creation & Management

    Many online retailers optimise their Google Ads campaigns but often, product feeds are left unmanaged resulting in poor performance.

    Our eCommerce PPC service includes a full feed management service and, if you don’t already have a shopping feed we can provide one for you. This ensures that ads show for as many relevant queries as possible and sales are maximised.

    Read more about our shopping feed creation & optimisation service.

    We work with the following platforms and more:

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    Request a free audit

    We offer all potential new customers a free audit to give you an objective assessment of your current campaign performance. We will tell you, with examples, what is both good and bad about your campaigns and how our service can help improve performance. If we don’t think that we can help meet your objectives, we will tell you.

    Our audits may include (but are not limited) to the following:

    • Campaign structure review

      Overall account structure, ad groups, shopping campaigns and budget allocations.

    • Keyword Performance

      Keywords, match types, search query report analysis, keyword gaps, negative keyword review

    • Bid and bid strategy analysis

      Keyword bids, bid adjustments (device, location etc), ad scheduling

    • Performance analysis

      Conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC) and overall return in investment

    • Advert review

      Relevancy, ad testing, landing pages, ad scheduling

    • Technical review

      Conversion tracking including revenue tracking, form tracking and call tracking

    • Growth opportunities

      Quick wins, wasted spend reduction, long term opportunities

    When your audit is complete, we will arrange an online meeting to discuss it in-depth and answer any questions you may have.

    Audit / Review Form

    Please fill in this form with all the necessary information. Provide as detailed description as possible.


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