Fantasy Island Resort

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Fantasy Island Resort

1324% increase in sales
SEO, Paid Search, Display, Social Media and Strategy

The Brief

Fantasy Island is a leading UK theme park resort and had previously relied on more “traditional” marketing. The resort has used radio ads, petrol pump ads, advertisements on public transport in addition to some PR and basic online activities such as Social Media.

Fantasy Island requested DPOM create a campaign to increase the level of wristband sales online. Sales online were stagnating and efforts by other agencies to improve the situation failed due to a sub-optimal approach.

Whilst entry to the park is free, guests either pay per ride or purchase an unlimited ride wristband. The pay-per-ride option uses a live ticket, which has a printed bar code that can be scanned to gain access to rides.

The Results

We developed a hollistic and multi-channel approach to increase brand awareness and online sales. Using paid search, display, search engine optimisation and social media, our approach dramatically increased the cost effectiveness of the organisations marketing budget.

Online sales reached record highs and budget was used more effectively resulting in a scalable ad campaign.

• Increased online sales of wristbands by 1324%
• Conversion rate increased by over 100% in the first 3 months of the campaign
• CPA (Cost per Conversion) reduced by 97%
• Value of sales increase by 260%
• Traffic increased by 90%
• CPC (Cost per Click) reduced by 77%

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1324% Increase
in Sales

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100% Increase
in Conversion Rate

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260% Increase
in Sales Value

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90% Reduction
in CPA

Our Client Says…

DPOM provides a fantastic, well-tailored service and since working with them we have seen a significant increase in our online sales.

Michael Elliott, DPOMs Senior Marketing Manager, and our account manager is extremely helpful and insightful. Michael and I communicate regularly to ensure Fantasy Island receives the best service achievable. Michael makes sure that our campaigns are tailored to our events and has taken his time to understand our business and the way that we operate, which in turn increases our chances of ROI. Rebecca Walker, DPOMs Online Marketing Specialist is also an asset to our campaigns. Rebecca communicates with me and my team weekly. This regular communication provides both Fantasy Island and DPOM a chance to discuss any changes that may impact the success of our campaigns.