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Case Study 1: Recruitment Agency

Social Media Management

(Graph shows traffic growth)

We were approached by a leading retail recruitment consultant in early 2017 to deliver a campaign to power the businesses growth. Our brief was to increase traffic to the website by leveraging a content-driven SEO campaign in addition to a social media campaign.

The social media campaign was designed to create brand awareness which in turn was intended to increase traffic to the main website.


Increase in organic traffic in 10 months


2600 Monthly Visits From Social Media


200% Increase in Leads (Job Applicants)

Case Study 2: Furniture Retailer

Google Ads: Search, Shopping & Display
Social Media

(Graph shows revenue growth)

A leading furniture retailer had been running a Google Ads campaign for a number of years, however, performance was stagnant. Monthly revenues were usually always sub £50K meaning, when advertising spend was considered, profits were low.

DPOM was asked to audit the Google Ads campaign to identify possible areas of improvements to increase sales and profitability without increasing advertising spend.

After an initial 3-month‘ tuning’ period, our account management team restructured the account, identified weak areas and worked with the client to optimise the campaign performance. Part of this process including using automated RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) strategies to maximise budgets and increase sales on this basis.

We worked closely with the client to prioritise the most profitable items and commit priority budgets to promote them. 12 months later, the client has increased their Google ads budget to scale the campaign up in addition to the commencement of a social media campaign.


179% Increase in Revenue


70% Improvement in CPA


84% Increase in Conversion Rate

Case Study 3: Health & Safety Consultant

Google Ads: Search & Retargeting


(Graph shows a reduction in cost and increase in leads)

DPOM were recently requested to improve the performance of a Google Ads campaign for a leading health and safety consultant in London by generating more leads at a lower cost.

Previously, the campaign had escalating costs and reducing leads meaning the cost per lead was increasing. We immediately performed a free audit for the client to identify the root course of the declining performance, on doing so, we discovered the campaigns were not effectively managed by the current agency chiefly because not enough work was done as often as it needed to be in addition to poor quality management of the campaigns.

On taking on our service, the client had one main objective: Reduce costs and increase conversions.

On starting work, we re-structured most of the campaigns to work on improving quality scores and followed this with regular bid, keyword and advert management. In just 3 months, the client experienced a monthly cost saving of over 5K in addition to increased conversions with a 74.80% decrease in CPA (Cost Per Acquisition.)

With costs now under control and at their lowest point in several months, we continue to increase the number of monthly leads.


75% Decrease in Lead Cost (CPA)


18% Increase in Leads


38% Reduction in Cost


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