3 tips to earn more clicks from Google search.

3 tips to earn more clicks from Google search.

Without really ranking higher, would you like to get more clicks for your Small Business content from Google?

Among the many wonders of SEO is the fact that you don’t need to actually rank higher to receive more site traffic, as long as you can acquire more clicks from the rankings you’ve already got. In the following sections, we’ll share 3 key tips you can use to ramp up your click count without ever-increasing rankings.

1. Optimise favicons

You’ll notice that Google shows favicons in search results on mobile, and if they feature high contrast, your favicons can influence and enhance your dedicated click-through rate whether they are not visible or in plain sight. Possessing an effective favicon can make a difference when it comes to percentage points and while the impact may be minor it can make all the difference when you get it just right. Optimising favicons also has the added benefit of boosting load times for every new visitor to your site, creating a smooth and efficient user experience.

2. Employ meta descriptions

Old school but effective SEO meta description optimisation is vital. Despite this fact, recent studies indicate 30 percent of sites online don’t employ meta descriptions at all. The reason for this may be that Google is known for rewriting meta descriptions, often due to them not using keywords searched for. However, when a meta description is cleverly crafted, it can encourage user clicks. 

Using this approach, when Google makes use of your meta description, its inspiring clicks and effectively works like marketing content for your small business website.

3. Google My Business

No small business should be without a Google My Business page. For a start, it provides key information to people searching for your company name such as opening times, reviews and directions via Google Maps. This will in turn provide a ranking post but also ensure that when anyone searches for you by your company name, you are immediately visibile. You can sign up for a Google My Business account here: https://www.google.com/business/

So, start optimising that content and for more advice on SEO and digital marketing for your small business, contact our team of experts today.