A content marketing guide

A content marketing guide

Creating quality and informative content positions your brand as an expert source of information in the industry. Content marketing is a long-term strategy, and when done right, it can generate more conversions than any other form of digital marketing. 

Why is content marketing important?

To really understand the importance of content marketing, you must understand the buying cycle:

1. Awareness. A customer has a need or problem, but they do not know how they can solve it.
2. Research. Once a customer realises that there is a solution to his/her problem, they will try and educate themselves on the available resolutions.
3. Consideration. A customer now starts to compare prices from different businesses to ensure that they get the best quality at the best prices.
4. Buy. After looking at all the options, a customer settles on the best vendor and moves forward with the transaction.

Content marketing concentrates on the first two stages of the buying cycle. It creates awareness and educates customers on products and services that they wouldn’t otherwise consider. It also presents your business as a possible solution in an organic way, which helps build trust between you and the customer.

How does it work?

When creating content for your website, you have to optimise it for SEO. There are a number of ways to do this, but the first and most important is using the right keywords. Also, keep your content unique, original, and provide as much value as you can.

Do not limit yourself to written articles alone. There is a long list of other types of content that you can use. Interactive media like giveaways, quizzes, Q&A sessions, and webinars are very effective and create a lot of engagement. Images, videos, and podcasts are also great because they utilise visual and audio elements.

Boosts SEO and traffic

If you use inbound marketing, then you understand how valuable good content is. It drives more traffic to your website and increases conversions. Consistent content creation adds keywords to your arsenal, which helps strengthen SEO for a longer time.

Establishes E-A-T

Google wants to see Expertise, Authority, and Trust from your website, and content marketing can help you establish all these qualities. By interacting with your customers, you build a relationship with them, making it easier for them to trust you. Creating content also allows you to demonstrate your expertise in the industry, which helps you build your authority online.

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