Crime Online: You Deserve the Time.

Crime Online: You Deserve the Time.
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Google Guidelines: The Law of the Internet.


You may not be able to see Matt Cutt’s sheriff’s star but trust me… it is there. Google’s Head of the Web Spam Team is THE Law master when it comes to enforcing the latest lot of manual action penalties, picking out offenders (With the help of his algorithmic deputies), directing the areas of enforcement for Google’s programmers to focus their algorithms towards and being the mouth piece to scare off would-be law breakers.


He may be the head honcho but he is bound by the ‘law of the internet’: The Google Webmaster Guidelines.


Cops and Bloggers


Whilst the honest webmaster seeks to create interesting, relevant content, establish themselves as an authority in their industry and build a loyal following on social media, the ‘get rich quick’ webmaster will bend or break every rule in the Google rulebook: Buying links and followers, spamming their content for perceived desirable keywords and taking the kind of shortcuts that sadly… Still work.


Justice comes with time. The honest webmaster will still have a sustainable business in a year’s time. He will gradually see his business grow. Allowing for seasonal fluctuations and the rise and fall of search queries, the business is sustainable with a long term future of penalty-free growth.


But those who cheat the system WILL be punished. Either with an algorithmic penalty or a manual penalty for a number of key terms or the ultimate stretch for life: Permanent exclusion from the Google Search engine.



Finding the Next Exploit is Not a Good SEO Strategy


Cheating your way to the top and breaking the rules is a crime. Like any crime, there is risk attached and the punishment will fit the crime committed. You may not be getting locked up but in place of the years of porridge, you’ll be getting punched with a Search engine listing penalty. This may be for a handful of key terms or a site-wide ban from the listings. Our advice is do it properly in the first place and avoid this risk entirely!


We regularly see the trend towards web masters going from one dodgy scheme to the next: Their links get algorithmically devalued because they are numerous and paid for… So they buy advertorials… Advertorials are paid for links and they are penalised so they move onto guest blogging networks… The mass exodus becomes a trend that telegraphs the next phase of cheating to raise rankings and the Google police rush to the next scene.


Bang to rights.
When will webmasters learn that these quick fixes are not a sustainable answer to achieving rankings? STOP LINK BUYING! Stop looking for get rich quick schemes. Stop trying to cheat the system!


If you pay for links then you will end up getting punished and you know what?


You’ll deserve it.