Should I Pause my Google Ads at Christmas?

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Should I Pause my Google Ads at Christmas?

Google Ads is a great way to get your business in front of potential customers this Christmas. However, many businesses make the mistake of pausing their ads during the holiday season. This can be a huge mistake, leading to a decrease in ad rank and higher costs-per-click (CPCs). In this blog post, we will discuss why you should not pause your Google Ads at Christmas and how you can keep your campaigns profitable during the holiday season!

Less Competiton = Lower CPCs and CPAs

One of the main reasons you should not pause your Google Ads at Christmas is that there is less competition from other advertisers. Many businesses will turn off their ads during the holiday season, which can leave a lot of room for your ad to be seen by more people without having to compete with other advertisements. This can result in lower CPCs and, ultimately, a more profitable campaign due to a reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA). Remember, Google Ads is an auction-based system – you pay 1p more than the next bidder, so with fewer bidders comes lower CPCs and, therefore, more profitability in addition to a larger marketing share for you.

Keep your sales pipeline active!

Keeping your Google Ads active over Christmas also means that you will keep more people in your sales pipeline and ultimately make more sales when things get back to normal in January. While people might be clicking less, there will be those that are performing research into products and services ready for January – Coming back after Christmas to an active sales pipeline will lead to more sales in January.

No clicks, no cost! (but brand awareness!)

Finally, you shouldn’t worry too much if people aren’t clicking your ad. As long as the ad is optimized and targets the right audience, it won’t cost you anything until it is clicked, but it will still contribute to brand awareness.

It’ll take a while for Ads to start performing again.

Pausing your Google Ads over Christmas also comes with another downside: AdRank is a component of Google Ads that contributes to the positioning of your Ads. When you stop your Ads, AdRank won’t be measured so when you turn them back on, Google Ads will assess your AdRank again, and during this period, you could see a lesser level of performance.

Keep your Google Ads active over Christmas!

In conclusion, don’t make the mistake of pausing your Google Ads during Christmas. With less competition from other advertisers and potential customers searching online now more than ever, this is an amazing opportunity to get in front of new customers and capitalize on a profitable holiday season! Be sure to follow best practices for optimizing ads and managing bids to ensure that your campaign remains successful.