Facebook surveying users on if posts ‘FEEL’ like ads

Facebook surveying users on if posts ‘FEEL’ like ads
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Today, my colleague Ben Sharpe was asked by Facebook to complete a survey that displayed posts from his newsfeed asking: Does this post FEEL like an advert.

We’re not sure how long this has been happening but unlike Facebook’s recent “creepy” and secret newsfeed experiment we all agree, it was nice of them to ask this time!

It does seem quite ironic that the survey popped up after Ben’s Facebook post criticising the above experiment (I’m sure it’s not related but who knows?!).

Are Facebook users struggling to differentiate ads to posts? Is Facebook working to improve their news feed algorithm and ad system?


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Here are a few screenshots:


Here’s the original pop up to watch out for (appeared after Ben’s post -choice words blurred for obvious reasons!)



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