Gearing Up for the Festive Rush: SEO & Google Ads Strategies to Implement Now

Gearing Up for the Festive Rush: SEO & Google Ads Strategies to Implement Now

As autumn leaves begin to fall and September settles in, smart businesses are already looking ahead to the festive season. While Christmas might seem a world away, in the realm of digital marketing, the groundwork for a successful festive campaign begins now. Let’s explore why early SEO and Google Ads strategies are pivotal to maximising your Christmas profits.

Understanding the Digital Consumer Journey:

The modern consumer’s path to purchase isn’t straightforward. From initial discovery to the final purchase, several touchpoints influence their decisions. By starting in September, you grant your business the advantage of time — time to understand this journey, time to optimise, and time to iterate.

The Early Bird Benefits of SEO:

SEO is a long game, and here’s why planting the seeds in September can yield bountiful results by Christmas:

Content Indexing: Search engines take time to discover, index, and rank new content. By creating and optimising your festive content now, you ensure that it’s indexed and ready to rank when search queries spike closer to Christmas.

Building Authority: Establishing your website as a credible source on festive topics requires consistent, quality content. An early start gives you ample time to roll out valuable pieces that resonate with your audience.

Content Planning and Publishing: Well-planned and regular content, especially in the form of blogs, can drive more visibility and engagement. Planning your content calendar now ensures you have a consistent stream of relevant articles leading up to the festive season, positioning your business as a go-to source of information and products.

Leveraging Google Ads for Early Insights:
While SEO strategies lay the groundwork for organic success, Google Ads offers immediate visibility and invaluable insights.

Audience Segmentation: By launching preliminary campaigns now, you can identify which audience segments respond best to your festive offers. This allows for refined targeting in the peak season.

Ad Copy Testing: Not all messages resonate equally. Running Google Ads in September provides a sandbox to test different ad copies, ensuring you’ve honed the perfect message by Christmas.

Budget Optimisation: Early campaigns grant insights into which keywords and ad groups offer the best ROI. This means when festive shopping is in full swing, your budget is channelled into high-performing areas.

The Art of Retargeting: Capturing Interested Shoppers

Initiating Google Ads campaigns in September doesn’t just yield insights; it also starts collecting an invaluable audience: potential shoppers who’ve shown interest but haven’t converted yet. As Christmas nears, retargeting these users can prove incredibly fruitful.

Segmented Remarketing Lists: Based on user interactions in September and October, you can create segmented remarketing lists. Tailor specific ads for users who abandoned carts, visited particular product pages, or engaged with festive content.

Dynamic Remarketing: With dynamic remarketing, serve ads featuring products that users have previously viewed on your site. It’s a personalised touch that often nudges consumers towards a purchase.

Optimising for Mobile and Local Searches:

The festive season sees a surge in both mobile searches and local store queries. Preparing for these in advance can position your business at the forefront when consumers are ready to act.

Mobile Optimisation: Ensure your website offers a seamless mobile experience. It’s not just about aesthetics; mobile optimisation affects SEO rankings and the efficacy of Google Ads.

Local SEO & Ads: Boost local SEO by optimising your Google My Business listing, encouraging local reviews, and ensuring consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details across online platforms. Simultaneously, use Google Ads’ location targeting to reach local shoppers actively seeking your products or services.

Harnessing Seasonal Keywords:

Consumer search behaviour evolves as Christmas approaches. While some generic festive keywords might be expensive to bid on in peak season, starting early allows you to identify and rank for long-tail, season-specific keywords.

Concluding Thoughts:

While Christmas festivities culminate in December, the digital strategies driving festive success kick off much earlier. By harnessing the combined powers of SEO and Google Ads in September, businesses can lay a robust foundation, refine strategies based on real-time insights, and be perfectly poised to capture the attention and wallets of festive shoppers.

Remember, in the world of digital marketing, foresight, preparation, and early action are the keys to maximising success. As you deck the halls of your digital storefront this September, you’re ensuring a merrier, more profitable Christmas ahead.

For businesses ready to embark on this early festive journey, DPOM offers tailored strategies, ensuring that by the time sleigh bells ring, your business is at the forefront of the digital landscape.