Google updates Search Console reports

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Google updates Search Console reports
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Google has performed an update to its Search Console for structured data and rich results, which allows users to provide enhanced reports regarding your event-structured data. The search engine giant recently announced changes to how it reports errors for such data, with Search Console now able to detect events at all levels. It was previously limited to detecting these at root level only.

What are event-rich results?

Google’s search algorithm uses structured data within your site’s pages to provide rich snippets within its search results. This could be in the form of an answer to a frequently-asked question, the date and time of an event, or information on delivery times from your company among a host of other things. It also allows Google to provide more interactive results by showcasing your logo and descriptions of events, which could help with CRO.

While this is unlikely to affect your current Google Ads or PPC setup, it could impact your social media clickthroughs from Google searches. However, the main impact will regard onsite content.

How will this affect SEO?

As a result, digital marketing teams may witness small increases in event issues reported for sites. Online marketing and paid social media marketing experts predict the severity of some issues will be upgraded from “error” to “warning”, which could be bad for SEO. While this may cause some small business marketing teams to worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean there are any sudden issues with structured data onsite. Instead, it means that issues that have previously been affecting SEO are now being reported in a more accurate way. This allows small business marketers to review each issue and decide whether it needs sufficient attention.

Will it affect small business social media?

It could affect rich snippets delivered from YouTube and other Google-owned social entities but is unlikely to have much of an impact upon SMA via services like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Small business social media managers won’t need to worry too much about this latest Google update, although it is always important to have an understanding of any changes that could affect SEO.

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